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Leader of the Pack
After frustrated dog owners have tried a number of training programs and trainers, CTO Dog Training emerges as a seemingly miracle solution.

by Carly Murray

The pandemic led to plenty of at-home time spent with our dogs—as well as a surplus of new puppies. A unique set of behaviors formed as a result, such as separation anxiety, difficulty socializing, leash pulling, barking, and jumping. While a dog can be an incredible addition to a household, sometimes owners find themselves adjusting to their dogs’ preferences rather than their own. When their behaviors become too much to handle, don’t give up just yet: CTO Dog Training’s mission alters the lives of dogs and their owners.

“While other training companies blame the client and advertise training the owner, we think that’s insulting. We understand that most owners just don’t have the knowledge, skills or confidence to make the changes they want to see.”

Voted Suburban Family’s “Best Dog Trainer” in 2022, CTO may be the “new kid on the block,” but owner Chris O’Prandy specializes in training dogs of any age and any breed, from puppies to rescues and adult dogs. The company is rapidly gaining traction with rave reviews, and they are also proving that you can teach old dogs new tricks. Chris says CTO is unparalleled in achieving results, with training sessions that don’t rope customers into extended and unnecessary packages. 

Chris takes the time with each owner/handler and their dog to understand their individual needs, goals, and capabilities. As a Marine and retired Law Enforcement K9 Supervisor, Chris brings a unique perspective to each interaction. Although he has a wealth of experience training, competing, and teaching, his priority is building bonds through trust and respect. CTO’s motto, “Communicate without Conflict,” is a product of years of experience and an understanding that healthy communication and training highlights a dog’s personality and increases the satisfaction of the client.

Often, a dog’s needs and reactions are misunderstood. Excitement and insecurity may be mistaken for aggression—reactive behaviors that can be extinguished or redirected with Chris’ guidance. And one of the common mistakes Chris sees is placing human expectations and emotions on dogs. 

“While there are several parallels that can be drawn between dogs and children, many owners fail to understand that the needs, capabilities, and modes of communication are significantly different than they originally thought. Dogs need clear communication and leadership in every relationship. Often this requires boundaries and a clearly understood system of communication,” he says.

One of his guiding principles is “our dogs never do anything wrong”—meaning, every perceived mistake is a training opportunity. This results in unbelievable transformations that carry through the life of the dogs. CTO cares deeply about their clients, both humans and canines, and understands that the happiness of one directly impacts the happiness of the other.

As the team continues to grow with Chris’ fiancé Lia and new employee/apprentice trainer Abby, CTO will undoubtedly remain one of the best dog training businesses in New Jersey and tri-state area, remaining one of the fastest growing training companies in the state. Call anytime to inquire about services or general training questions. “We can’t wait to talk to you!”

Here are some recent five-star reviews from CTO’s happy customers:

“CTO Dog Training is awesome! We were at our wit’s end with our 8-month-old Cockapoo. We gave Chris a two page list of issues. We had several checked off the list within the first hour. We now have a much different puppy. No more barricades to keep her in the kitchen. Highly recommend CTO!” ~Scott Duman, August 2022

“Chris is amazing with his skills.  I have three dogs with some nuisance behaviors that were becoming very digitized. ...  Within moments of Chris’ entry to our home and a couple of simple drills, we saw immediate and very promising results. I highly recommend his services. I had previous trainers with other dogs but they were not effective and paying them seemed wrong. Chris and CTO are [worth] every penny of their fees and services. If you need results and want them YESTERDAY, call this company and don’t delay.” ~Maria Damiani, June 2023

“Chris is the real deal when it comes to dog training. After two different dog trainers, Charlie was leash reactive, impossible to control on walks, made all the decisions on when and where we would walk, and would jump on people when they came over. After two weeks with Chris he’s a completely different dog and we are completely different dog owners. His recall off-leash is 100% and I’ve gotten to enjoy throwing him a ball without worrying about him running off. When [our] 90+ year old parents came over tonight he sat and stayed until everyone was in the house and I released him. Chris is truly amazing. He taught both the dog and us and we are truly grateful.” ~Laura Cruz, June 2023

CTO Dog Training
(856) 912-6821

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 13.
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