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Top 5 Rules for Investing in a Changed World
Stan Molotsky, President and CEO of SHM Financial Group, gives his take.

by Staff

The father-and-son duo of SHM Financial Group has been navigating the waters of investing, retirement planning and more for over 64 years. Stan and Lee Molotsky have even written two books; their latest is SHM Financial’s Smartest Book on Pre and Post Retirement Planning that You Will Ever Read. All of the book’s proceeds support the Jewish Federation of Southern Jersey’s special needs endowment fund.

“Investing in today’s world is a different ballgame than it was years ago,” says president and CEO, Stan Molotsky. “The strategies that once seemed infallible may not be right anymore.  With what we’re going through at the present time you may have to be much more nimble than you may have been in the past and keep your mind open to some of the newer things available now. With investing, you can’t just do something, stuff it in a drawer and forget about it.”

We sat down with Stan to talk about the Top 5 rules for investing in a changed world.

1. Think carefully about NOT investing in your 401K
When markets are soaring people tend not to pay much attention to their employee-sponsored plans. Many don’t have that luxury anymore, says Molotsky. “Bad 401Ks limit options while charging high fees. Low fee taxable brokerage accounts and IRAs are worth considering, especially ones that guarantee a return. Limit your fees as much as possible. Over your working lifetime it becomes a staggering amount.”  

2. Be prepared for high inflation
“Stimulus programs over the past few years have helped businesses and people stay afloat, but free money is rarely ever free. Today living life is more expensive—food and gas prices are up, medical costs are higher and home values are through the roof. If you needed $85,000 in 2010 you would need $101,000 to have the same buying power today.” In terms of savings, always look for the investments that can increase with inflation. In the past, Molotsky notes, putting funds into real estate, gold, precious metals and commodities like lumber and food staples have paid off.  

3. Think twice before buying stocks
Whether you are new or experienced with investing, it is best to focus on companies that thrive when times get hard, says Molotsky. “Build your watch list of shares you would someday like to own. You will then be ready to act.”

4. Update your will
Don’t leave your plan for the distribution of assets up in the air. It’s important that your will is up to date and you have the proper powers of attorney, adds Motlosky.

5. Don’t Wait to Act
Stan, Lee and the certified team of financial planners at SHM have worked for decades developing plans for their clients that take into account that different times call for different strategies. “Ask yourself this: If I did not own what I currently have in my portfolio, would I buy these same companies today?” says Molotsky. “If not, why hold these positions?”     

To determine if your portfolio is aligned to your goals turn to someone you can trust. Visit SHM’s website for the free tools available to help. Also, call SHM for a complimentary copy of their latest book.

SHM Financial Group
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 13.
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