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A Reason to Smile
Rifai and the All Smiles Family Dental team from other dental offices.

by Madeleine Maccar & Katie Francis

Like every other area of medicine, dentistry has seen its share of technological breakthroughs, new techniques and modernized capabilities in recent years. Those advancements nurture benefits like diminished recovery times, increased potential to treat a range of issues and improved outcomes—all of which, ultimately, result in a better prognosis, whether through pain relief or restored confidence.  

Dr. Nermeen Rifai of All Smiles Family Dental is more than happy to explain to patients different options, available procedures and ways they can achieve their goals. Dr. Rifai puts patients at ease and encourages them to address their dental issues and any accompanying fears. From there, she will help point them toward all their options, which are more often than not offered right at All Smiles’ Williamstown location.

“Except orthodontics, we basically do everything under one roof so when patients come in, they don't need to worry about going to another specialist,” she says.

Indeed, it’s not just routine cleanings and root canals at All Smiles: Surgical, facial cosmetic and injectable procedures can all offer some truly life-changing treatments. From replacing a single tooth to a full-mouth rehabilitation, the All Smiles team is sensitive to the potential discomfort of a multi-session procedure, as well as how reluctant most adults are to go about their daily lives with a gap-toothed smile.

“A lot of dentists don't place the implants and instead refer them out,” says Dr. Rifai. “So patients aren’t walking out without a tooth, we can do something temporary, like give them the individual tooth on a natural plate, like a retainer, during the healing period of the implant stage. It saves a lot of headache because they don't have to go to another office, get the implant placed, wait for integration and then come back to our office to get a crown placed.”

All Smiles’ procedures also rely on regenerative medicine like platelet rich plasma (PRP), which utilizes the patient’s own biological materials to encourage faster healing in procedures focusing on bone and gum-tissue regeneration. There is also no possibility of the body rejecting its own plasma.

“We draw blood from the patient and we put it in a centrifuge machine, and we get the plasma, which has the patient's growth factors,” Dr. Rifai says. “By using regenerative medicine procedures like PRF (platelet rich fibrin) and PRP, we can actually regenerate bone and gum tissue in their mouth by using their plasma and mix it with bone-graft material in order to allow a more probable prognosis for implants and/or gum-tissue regeneration. This increases the prognosis of the procedure.”

Cosmetic dentistry is also available at All Smiles, which includes bonding, porcelain veneers and crowns, gum recontouring, whitening and restorative “smile makeovers.” The cosmetic focus has branched out to include facial cosmetics as Dr. Rifai learned how the injectables being used in plastic surgery have oral applications, too, including alternatives to Botox.

“It's something fairly new they can do at some specialists’ offices but not a lot of dentists actually use it,” she explains. “We do a lot of Botox and fillers, and I wanted an alternative with a longer-lasting treatment than Botox; PRF actually reduces fine lines in the face and stimulates collagen, and I started taking courses on how it can be done in the mouth. That's when I learned a lot about gum regeneration and bone regeneration.”

It’s all part of All Smiles’ ongoing efforts to bring cutting-edge yet proven dental-care solutions to South Jersey, with other aesthetic services like dermal fillers, lifting threads, micro needling with PRP and surgical extractions with PRF.

By embracing today’s most innovative practices, the All Smiles team is guaranteeing patients a tomorrow filled with transformed, pain-free smiles.

“The most rewarding part, by far, is patient satisfaction, or when I feel like I’ve changed someone’s life,” Dr. Rifai affirms. “A lot of times, they come in and they’re upset with their smile and don’t show their teeth. When everything is completed, you see a completely different change in personality, with that smile they never imagined happening.”

All Smiles Family Dental
420 N. Black Horse Pike, Williamstown
(856) 740-1416

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 10.
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