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Making the Move Indoors
How to feel safer as we begin to head back into the office, dine indoors and think about gathering with family for the holidays.

by Staff

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC SUDDENLY FORCED MOST OF US INTO THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES OF OUR LIFETIMES. However, as a strong and proud nation, we have found innovative ways to safely forge on to obtain some semblance of what our lives were before the pandemic hit. With the warm weather on our side we all did much more living outdoors. Restaurants were able to offer outdoor dining  in their tent-covered parking lots, gyms moved their Zumba and yoga classes outside and families safely enjoyed time in their own backyards more than ever before. 

With fall in full swing we are still enjoying the outdoors, however the winter weather is right around the corner and inevitably, our activities and social gatherings will soon be moved indoors—people will be going back into their workplaces and dining indoors, kids will be returning home from college for the holidays and families want to have Thanksgiving dinner together. How can we feel better and more comfortable about these activities during a pandemic?       

Two outside-the-box, proactive solutions involve cleaning: professional fogging and air duct cleaning.

“I believe everyone is doing their best to clean the surfaces of their homes and businesses, however cleaning only removes germs; it does not kill them,” says Lori Topiel, co-owner of Coit Cleaning and Restoration Services. “In order to actually kill germs you have to truly disinfect.” The CDC recommends using EPA-registered disinfectants for an emerging virus, such as COVID-19.  

Fogging propels standard disinfecting to another level with its broad spectrum application of any size structure and its capacity to quickly disinfect high-contact  areas and hard-to-reach surfaces such as blinds and ceiling fans. Door knobs, light switches, countertops and tables are all examples of high-contact areas that are breeding grounds for germs and cross-contamination. 

 “Fogging is a very convenient and effective way for businesses to regularly disinfect high-traffic areas to help their employees and customers feel safer,” says Topiel.  

Air ducts are simply an air distribution system to circulate cool and warm air throughout homes and businesses. Air ducts are usually “out of sight, out of mind,” which means they often get ignored.  Take a look at your vents—do you see black dirt on them? Have you ever had your air ducts professionally cleaned? Think about your answers to those questions and then think about the amount of dust, dirt, mold, microbes, allergens and germs that build up over time in air ducts.

Now more than ever good indoor air quality should be top of mind for all of us. We are soon going to be forced to spend much of our time inside due to the impending cold weather and we need to ensure we are breathing safer, cleaner air.  

Fogging and air duct cleaning are simple solutions to give us some peace of mind these days while gathering and spending time indoors. You should always use a  certified professional. “At Coit, all our air duct technicians are NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) certified,” says Topiel. This is an important certification which ensures certain standards should be followed for air duct cleaning. “No matter what cleaning service we are providing our customers, we follow all CDC guidelines for safely working in homes and businesses.  Safety comes first,” says Topiel.

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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 11, Issue 8 (October 2020).
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