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Helping you return to health
How 3 Dimensional Physical Therapy positively impacts its patients

by Lauren Kubiak

WHEN  KEN  GUZZARDO AN D JEFF SALLADE OPEN ED 3 DIMEN SION AL PHYSICAL THERAPY (3DPT) SEVEN YEARS AGO, THEIR GOAL WAS TO CREATE A HEALTH CAR E PRACTICE THAT FOCU SED ON BEING  OUTSTANDING IN THREE AREAS: quality of treatment, superior customer service and having a deep-rooted involvement in the community. 3DPT still believes in  those three important concepts and attributes their success to carefully  hiring em ploy ees who will carry them out. This allows 3DPT to positively impact many of the people they are fortunate enough to come in contact w ith—below is an example of on e student-athlete who recently came to 3DPT and had a great experience.  

Samantha MacDonald started her jour ney at 3DPT in the fall of 2017 when she was recovering  from a stress reaction in her back. For  months and months, the 3DPT team helped MacDonald get ready for her spring lacrosse season at Shawnee. Unfortunately, during preseason, she fractured her left pelvic bone— leav ing her out for the entire season. After rehabbing for nearly six months, MacDonald has made a full recovery and is back to playing lac rosse.  

 “The amount of support and encouragement I have received from my therapist has enabled me to be strong even when I feel my lowes t. I have learned so much about the importance of taking care of my body and can honestly say I am a changed athlete and person because of my  experi ence a t 3DPT,”  MacDona l d  says. “I think that a key to success in athletics is to continue to have a positive attitude when faced with adversity and that is the environment that abounds at 3DPT. It is a family atmosphere and has become such a special plac e to me. The entire staff is so friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I can’t thank 3DPT enough for all of the help they have given me. ” 5 Ways P hysical Therapy C an Help You

1. ACL Surgery/Prevention
No matter what type of athlete you are, hearing the diagnosis of an ACL injury can be dreadful. An ACL injury typi cally calls for nearly a year of absence from the sport(s) you love. “3DPT specializes in rehab of ACL injuries after surgery as we have numerous physical therapists with sports and orthopedic specialist certifications,” says Jeff Sallade, co-owner and physical therapist. “ 3DPT also specializes in identifying movement patterns that may predispose an athlete to ACL injuries and will include exercises that co rrect faulty movement patterns to help prevent ACL injuries from happening.”

2. Pelvic Floor Therapy
Many people—women more frequently  than  men—experience incontinence while exercising or following a pregnancy. Most people just accept it as a part of life and avoid finding a  solution. “3DPT is unique as we have a pelvic floor specialist who can provide that solution and save y ou from embarrassing moments in t he gy m,” Sallade says.

3. Running Injuries
 “We treat a ton of runners at 3DPT (many of our employees compete in marathons and triathlons). Run ning is the ultimate example of repeating the same move- ment over and over. This can lead to overuse injuries and result in you being s idelined,” he says. “3DPT will identify the cause of the breakdown  and help get you back on the roads as soon as we feel it is safe for  you to resume. We will even perform slow-motion computer analysis of your running form to ensure we are not missing anything.”

4. Concussions  
There has been more and more awareness regarding concussions over the past few years, especially as it relates to sports. Most peopl e don’t know that physical therapy can help speed up  the recovery from concussions w hen they linger longer than expected. You don’t have to sit back and wait for it to get better—treatment for concussions and the symptoms that come along with it is available at 3DPT.  

5. Balance/Falls
People in the 65-and-older age group usually don’t jump right back up after a fall—there is usually some injury that occurs, common ly a fracture of some sort. This sets off a chain of events that is hard to recover from. Falls can be prevented by undergoing intensive  balance training in physical therapy. Anyone over age 65 who has suffered a fall should be in 3DPT for balance training.

3 Dimensional Physical Therapy
175 Route 70 W., Suite 19
(609) 714-3378

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 9 (November 2018).
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