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Editor's Note: March, 2013

by Colleen Patrice Clark, Executive Managing Editor

With April around the corner, there’s one thing that comes to mind: How many people out there who have given up on their New Year’s resolution? I hate to be a downer, but it’s a fact that most people have claimed they gave it their best shot—whether that’s true or not, I’m not judging—and vowed to give it a go again next year. I’ve read before that 2/3 of people have been defeated by their plans by mid-March, while Jan. 17 sadly is the day the majority of those folks called it quits.

What gives? That’s just four days shy of the amount of time some researchers say it takes to form a habit. And there’s still 348 days left from that point—348 chances to try again and get it right. Now that spring is here, maybe those who have faltered can refocus and think about the important lifestyle changes that constantly get pushed to the backburner. If you need inspiration, whatever your goal may be (physical, emotional, finding more time for the family, etc.), you just might find it in this latest issue.

On our Family side, just look at the amazing things our 24 Citizens of the Year are doing. They range in age from elementary school up to 90, and their impacts are reaching far beyond the local community, whether they’re instilling a love of sports in disabled children, supporting grieving parents, the elderly and returning veterans, or traveling the world to build better infrastructure for those in need. “There’s not enough time in the day” probably isn’t a phrase used often by them.

On our Art of Living Well side, you’ll find stories including treatments available for that aching back pain, the one you’ve thought won’t ever go away. Finding the solution could finally bring that peace of mind you’ve been searching for. And in “Fresh Start,” you’ll also read about the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry that can go a long way in boosting your self-esteem, giving the confidence you need to tackle those goals.

Parents: You’ll also want to check out our first-ever report on “Top Hospitals for your Children’s Care.” It’s an all-in-one guide to the area’s best children’s physicians, along with the top-quality treatment available at local hospitals, treatment we hope you’ll never need.

Colleen Patrice Clark
Executive Managing Editor

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 1 (March, 2013).
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