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Impact Training & Fitness

by Liz Hunter

Bringing Out the Athlete in All of Us

It’s not uncommon for parents to put their children’s fitness before their own. Schedules can be consumed by young athletes’ different sports practices and games, while mom and dad’s exercise habits fall by the wayside. But that doesn’t have to be the status quo. Keith Scott, owner of Impact Training & Fitness in West Berlin, says he wants to unleash the athlete inside everyone. With 20 years of experience training athletes at the professional, college and high school levels, Scott opened his business in the spring of 2011 with the goal of transforming how people look at fitness. You won’t find treadmills, TVs or a juice bar at his facility. Instead, you’ll find kegs filled with sand, giant tires and heavy ropes. When you show up here, there’s no chance of phoning it in.

Impact began with a core clientele of student athletes. Scott received his master’s degree in exercise and sports science with a concentration in sports medicine from the University of Arizona, allowing him to look at training from an injury prevention angle and train high school and college athletes to get stronger without risking what could be a promising professional career. Scott trains students that play a variety of sports including lacrosse, basketball, football and wrestling. Every athlete goes through an initial physical assessment, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses and goals. Scott then creates a program customized to the student and implemented personally by him. Parents can feel confident knowing that Scott is there supervising every session, making sure everything being done is safe while helping your child achieve the next level of fitness goals.

While training these students, Scott realized there was another important group of people that could not be ignored—the adult “non-athlete.” Corrective therapy, weight management, body composition and post injury rehabilitation are some of the many areas in which Scott has focused in his professional career, and he saw an opportunity to start a unique program that would allow non- and former athletes alike to begin to take control of their fitness. Impact started offering a class called High Intensity Training (HIT)—a one-hour, intense class that is anything but your run-of-the-mill boot camp. “The unique thing about our HIT class is that it follows a very similar format to how we train our athletes, while in a safe, fully supervised environment,” says Scott.

The response to the class has been overwhelming. “Parents are seeing the results their kids are getting from training here and now they are signing up for the HIT classes. When one member of the family starts to get in shape, it’s kind of contagious and everyone wants to get on board,” he says.

HIT classes are 60 minutes of non-stop activity. Scott can modify the program for beginners, those with injuries and those who are advanced as well so everyone gets the most value and results from the program. “When you walk in, you don’t have to think. I have built the program for you and if you want to get fit, you will,” Scott says. The program focuses on the entire body, giving equal attention to large muscle groups, the core and cardio training. HIT exercises are not based on number of reps, but instead you are given a set amount of time at each station in the circuit, which could be free weights, chin rings or, yes, even carrying a keg. “The goal is to do what you can during that time at each station and go at your own pace. There won’t be any time to stand around and I change up the circuit every two weeks or so, keeping it fresh and fun so the workout never gets stale.”

Stale workouts are often the reason people give up on resolutions. They might see results quickly but then slack off when the changes aren’t so dramatic. Scott says the fresh HIT routines are one reason his clients keep coming back, but even more than that is the family atmosphere at Impact. “When you join a HIT class you are going to be held accountable by everyone in that group,” Scott says. “You will keep coming back because everyone in class will wonder where you are if you don’t show up, but when you are here, we push each other to get to the next level.”

Scott welcomes anyone interested to come in to Impact for a complimentary fitness assessment and try a HIT class for free. “People should come in and see if this program is a good fit for them. We also want to make sure you’re a good fit for us. We don’t tolerate negativity and want good people who will work hard and help motivate others.”

HIT classes and athlete training are available year round, but there’s no time like the present to test yourself and begin a personal fitness revolution. The results will speak for themselves.

Impact Training & Fitness
115 N. Rt. 73
West Berlin
(856) 767-2250

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 10 (December, 2012).
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