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In the Zone
Long-term well-being at The Evergreens

by Staff

Sunny afternoons at The Evergreens, a premier Acts Retirement-Life Community in historic Moorestown, are always active, no matter the season. Residents laugh and chatter as they engage in exercise, activity and socialize across the scenic campus. The sense of friendliness and well-being are almost palpable. This is a place where people seem healthy, happy and certainly up for having a good time.

The feeling extends well past the outdoor spaces and throughout the buildings and scenic grounds that comprise The Evergreens. Active retirees enjoy a good life with maintenance-free living, superb amenities, exceptional recreational opportunities, and the foundation of loving kindness that fosters friendship and prioritizes care at every level. In these communities, residents stay optimistic and engaged throughout their retirement. This is a lifestyle like “Blue Zones.”

“Blue Zones” are areas of the world where people not only live longer, but also enjoy a high-quality retirement. The term was first coined in 2004 by Dan Buettner, an explorer, National Geographic Fellow and journalist who traveled the world to specific areas with the highest percentage of centenarians. After analyzing demographic data and interviewing numerous people over age 100, he and his team identified five regions that stood out. These areas were identified as blue zones, where people were 10 times more likely to reach age 100.

It’s a fascinating conclusion: people living in these areas, while scattered thousands of miles apart, share similar lifestyles of close connections, purpose, movement throughout the day and more.

The residents of The Evergreens follow many of the same principles of longevity simply by living where they have access to friendship, activity, purpose and healthy lifestyle choices. New research suggests that residents at Acts Retirement-Life Communities may fare better in wellness than seniors in the community at large. A Mather Institute study – that included participation from seven Acts communities – surveyed 8,228 people living in continuing care retirement communities and reported significant wellness benefits. Residents enjoyed better physical, emotional, intellectual, social and vocational wellness than their “age in place” peers. This is largely because of their social connections, reduced stress and access to superb health care.

“We now have data that affirms our intuition and what residents have anecdotally told us all along,” says Bill Tamulonis, managing director for applied research at Acts Retirement-Life Communities.

With a wide variety of social activities and events, fitness classes for every ability and green spaces, there are myriad of opportunities for residents to stay active, make meaningful connections and devote their time to things that bring them joy.

Worry-free living allows Acts’ residents to downshift, another blue zone characteristic. With household maintenance taken care of and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that Acts Life Care will provide for future care in today’s dollars, residents can relax and devote their retirement to the things they really love.

Additionally, several studies have found people with a stronger sense of purpose enjoy numerous health benefits including longevity, physical wellness, and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline.

“At The Evergreens, we help our residents thrive,” says Amanda Tibbets, director of fitness and rehabilitation. “To us, thriving means doing all the things you want and wish you could do. Too many older adults are merely surviving. We believe life can be so much more than that.” 

Jim Petty, senior vice president of strategy and mission development for Acts Communities, says, “We’ve been very successful offering the best of today’s healthy lifestyle while providing long-term peace of mind and security. And increasingly, retirees that come to Acts are hungry to share their talents in service of the greater good, whether through advocating, volunteering, taking care of others, or simply shifting their focus to something bigger than they are that continues to provide real purpose, meaning and inspiration.”

At Acts communities, creating environments where retirees can thrive is more than just a promise; it is built into the philosophy.

“I keep pretty busy,” says Dr. Elliott Coleman, a resident at The Evergreens and former cardiologist, who has been able to explore his lifelong enthusiasm for photography both on and off campus, with friends new and old. “There is a wealth of activity going on here. I have fun. This is a wonderful place.”

The Evergreens, an Acts Retirement-Life Community
(888) 521-3972

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 8.
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