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The Best 45-minute Project in Paul VI History
Three really big letters. Over a thousand enthusiastic students, faculty and staff. It all added up to a “Best of Paul VI” result.

by Staff

Paul VI opened the school year with the usual first-day vibe of gleaming hallways and sharpened pencils. This year had a little something extra, in the form of a newly surfaced turf field, and the Paul VI Eagles wasted no time in creating a memory that was liked and shared throughout the school’s social media platforms. Knowing that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, we still want you to know some of the reasons this was a “Best of Paul VI Moment.”

1. This is one super-efficient community. Forty-two homerooms quickly and quietly took their places on the new field to spell out this 80- foot-high rendition of the school’s initials—in under 45-minutes. That left enough time to attend all classes. Not a popular decision, but an efficient one.

2. We’ve got style…and spirit. The field project took place on the first dress-down day of the school year. The most important rule for being out of uniform—be sure to wear the blue and white!

3. We’ve got math—and we know how to use it. Ratios, graphs, conversions, plus a whole lot of measuring were combined to produce a virtual math-o-rama that ensured every student, teacher and staffer had a place on the field and in school history.

4. Not all monograms are created equal. We might be biased here, but we think there’s something especially pleasing about the 3- letter P-V-I sequence … the way that center letter that just draws your eye to the Eagle. For a school that loves a good plan, we really just got lucky with this one.

5. We’re a co-ed school, on, off and IN the field. A thousand blue and white “people dots” might not make it obvious, but we are a coed school. Need more proof? Those fancy field markings allow the new field to equally serve girls and boys sports—football, soccer and lacrosse for the boys; soccer, lacrosse and field hockey for the girls. And let’s not forget that nice composite track—run one, run all.

6. A nice QR code can keep the memory alive. Want to know what it was like to be a part of our special day? Scan below, and soar with the Eagles!

Paul VI High School
901 Hopkins Road | Haddonfield | (856) 858-4900 |

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 7.
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