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A Family Firm
For the past decade, Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith P.A. lawyers have dedicated their careers to realizing the best resolutions for their clients and their families.

by Katie Francis

When a family dispute turns into a legal conflict, emotions and stakes run high. From premarital agreements to divorce proceedings, spousal support to child custody, few events have the potential to be as traumatic or as consequential as the ones involving family. At times of such momentous import, it is impossible to navigate these complexities alone.

Fortunately for New Jersey families, the team at Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith is steadfast in providing representation to clients in all aspects of sophisticated and complex matrimonial law matters. They approach each case with knowledge and experience, compassion and sensitivity, recognizing that their clients are facing some of the most challenging decisions of their lives.

Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith is a boutique family law firm committed to zealous representation and compassionate counseling. Today, the team continues to grow and has formed a partnership of conscientious, skilled and ethical advocates. Michael Weinberg joined the firm in 2019 and says that the firm finds success for its clients and their families by working as a family of its own.

“We have a collaborative approach, and we believe people work better when they work together. Every case is staffed with at least one partner and one associate, and we have working relationships with business and vocational evaluators, accountants, appraisers, financial planners, tax experts and health professionals in order to provide support throughout the entire process. We understand that family matters can be overwhelming and are deeply committed to making sure you don’t have to face them alone,” Weinberg says. “But it's more than that. If any of us have a case or a question, we lean on each other. We rely upon each other.”

The members of the Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith family are leaning on one another more than ever with the recent loss of partner Luke D. Griffith.

“He was more than just a partner. He was part of the family, and his family has become our family,” Weinberg says.

Well-rounded Counseling
While Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith specializes specifically in family law, the practice is much more complex than its name suggests. Weinberg says that each case is different and comes with its own unique challenges, oftentimes intertwined with one another.

“When you're a family practice like we are, you handle more than just divorce trials and legal agreements; matrimonial matters impact all areas of life. A divorce case can touch upon real estate issues, business evaluation issues, child welfare issues, earning capacity issues and many others,” he says. “So you have to be open-minded, think creatively, and have a wide network of resources.”

The number of divorce cases since the COVID-19 pandemic began has gone up dramatically and doesn’t appear to be stabilizing anytime soon.

With that in mind, the firm has grown steadily over the years, recruiting top talent to ensure that the partners who join the team are as experienced and dedicated to the practice as they are.

“We've been fortunate to attract attorneys to our firm who share our commitment to our clients and dedication to the highest level of quality and professionalism. I think the collegial environment here brings out everyone’s best,” Weinberg says.

Each lawyer has expertise in multiple areas of family law, from equitable distribution to the dissolution of civil unions and domestic partnerships.

The Heart of the Firm
Weinberg says that the firm still emulates the approach that his father Joseph brought to the firm when it was first founded.

“When I was growing up, I used to sit in his office and look at his business cards, and they would have his name and ‘counselor in law,’” Weinberg says. “He's right. As a family law attorney, part of our job is to help counsel our clients through this emotionally challenging time; to listen to them; to figure out what's important; to identify their fears; but to try to maintain focus on what their goals are and how to achieve them in the most cost-effective manner.”

At the end of the day, the main goal of Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith is to make a positive impact on their clients’ lives by giving them the resources they need to navigate one of the most difficult times in their lives.

“It is crucial that a person find an attorney who they not only have confidence in but who they can communicate with and who they believe has their best interest and the best interest of their family at heart,” Weinberg says, and he is positive that his team has the exact work ethic suited to make clients feel comfortable and confident. “Our attorneys help resolve complex personal, financial and professional challenges favorably and assertively while taking the time to listen to what matters most to the client.”

Weinberg, Kaplan & Smith P.A.
8000 Sagemore Drive, Suite 8301 | Marlton
(856) 795-9400 |

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 6.
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