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Embodying Wellness
May 2022

by Staff

I am most proud of my journey. I have been through a lot and I have come through it all with a sense of peace that is now my bedrock. Truly loving myself now after a lifetime of anxiety and being my own worst enemy is another thing that I am most proud of. I know I have a wellspring of inner wisdom and a “connected core.” I connect with this every morning and throughout the day to help me keep from feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

I thrive off of helping people find comfort and peace in this crazy world. Early in my career as a massage therapist, I noticed people wanted me to fix them. I knew I only had them for an hour at a time while they were on my table. So, I spent many years exploring additional ways to help people relax and release the stress that they have. I can help people find peace on many different levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, interpersonally and globally.

Being an inner peace coach who has gone through a lot—cancer, divorce, loss of clients due to the pandemic, caregiver stress; in addition to the normal family issues like having kids, dogs, aging parents and a spouse. A lot of times it was hard to put on a smile when networking. But knowing I wanted to come from an authentic place, I was doing a lot of inner work. I was pulling from deep within myself, reaching down into my “connected core” in order to be the calm, loving presence I strive to be for my clients.

The biggest factor in my success is my deep desire to help people find access to their own inner wisdom. This is what helps me keep putting one foot in front of the other, or write one more article or send one more email. It’s important to have that perseverance to keep going and pull through, even when things get tough.

Another thing that keeps me successful is what I call time boundaries. Being focused during certain hours and then having time in my day to put down work and live life. I cook, rest, watch a movie without interruptions, hang with the family, volunteer, etc. Nothing is worse than the feeling that you always have to be “on.” Set that structure on your outgoing voicemail message, be firm in your time boundaries.

What I would tell the next generation of female business leaders is to be true to themselves. In order to do that, they must do some serious self-reflection. This world can pull you along swiftly if you’re not careful. Being mindful, taking the time to stop and create a definitive choice point where you know that the next decision you make can put you on a completely different trajectory. This can be for both professional and personal decisions. Know that you have your own “connected core” that you can tap into. It may take some work to reach down to that core, to that inner wisdom, but it is worth it. Find techniques that help you get there so that you can remain on your highest and best path.

Embodying Wellness
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 1.
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