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Same Day Orthodontics
… the Fast Way to a Straight Smile

by Staff

When Dr. Tom Kadar was a kid, he underwent orthodontic treatment. He visited his orthodontist for an initial evaluation, returned multiple times to have impressions taken, spacers inserted, bands attached and then finally the wires added. From his initial visit to actually starting his treatment was more than six weeks. Once the braces were in place, monthly visits were required to adjust and tighten the wires. The entire process took more than two years.

When Dr. Kadar started practicing orthodontics almost 30 years ago, the cutting-edge technology utilized cemented brackets and wires. It still took several weeks of pre-work before a patient could begin their treatment and more than 24 months to complete the process. Not much had changed since he was a kid.

In the late ’90s, the process of straightening teeth radically changed when clear aligners came onto the market. Kadar Orthodontics was one of the first practices in the Delaware Valley to offer clear aligners. Teens loved them because you could barely see them and they were removable.

Fast forward to today. The technology used to manufacture removable aligners has evolved significantly. At Kadar Orthodontics, it no longer takes weeks to get started straightening your teeth—it’s all done in a single day with their Same Day Start Program.

This program utilizes virtual technology to perform a remote consultation before a patient visits the office for the first time. This allows Kadar’s board-certified orthodontists to begin treatment planning for each patient before their first in-person visit. “With our virtual consult, we can prepare everything before they come into our office,” says Dr. Kadar. “This enables us to deliver a Same Day Start for traditional braces, appliances and removable aligners.”

When the treatment plan calls for removable aligners, Kadar’s in-house lab manufactures them on-demand during the patient’s first visit. Kadar utilizes advanced 3D scanners and printers to create their custom Ksmile™ aligners. Their expert clinicians place the aligners and provide care on Day 1, not weeks later. Plus, in-house production of aligners gives Kadar’s orthodontists the flexibility to make adjustments to aligners when needed to ensure treatment stays on track without logistical delays. 

For more complex cases such as crowding and airway abnormalities, Dr. Kadar often uses advanced appliances or braces in conjunction with removable aligners to achieve ideal results. This hybrid approach provides their patients with the latest treatment methods to minimize pain, tooth extractions and treatment times.

Regardless of the type of braces or appliances utilized, the team of professionals at Kadar Orthodontics monitors and adjusts each patient’s treatment plan based on growth, development and tooth movement through both in-office visits and contactless follow-up appointments. “Our virtual visits give our patients a way to check in from home,” says Dr. Kadar.  “Innovations in orthodontic technology reduced the number of appointments required to complete a treatment plan. Now, our virtual appointments give us a new way to save time for our patients.”

By combining proven processes with the latest in virtual technology, Dr. Kadar has enabled his patients to start their journey to straight teeth on the same day as their first visit. Patients leave the office on their way to a beautiful smile, quicker than ever! At Kadar Orthodontics, it’s never been faster, easier or more affordable to get the smile you really want. Visit and request a free, virtual consultation to get started today.

Kadar Orthodontics
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 5 (August 2021).
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