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Helping The Whole Family Heal
At Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey, humans and their four-legged family members can have their health issues handled.

by Liz Hunter

IN JUST OVER THREE YEARS, NATURAL HEALTH IMPROVEMENT CENTER OF SOUTH JERSEY HAS ESTABLISHED ITSELF AS ONE OF THE LARGEST NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING® FACILITIES IN THE COUNTRY. In addition to the location in Cherry Hill, owner Sarah Outlaw,  MH, MSACN, also operates a second, 5,000-plus-square-foot office in Des Moines, Iowa, where she sees patients every other weekend.

It’s a testament to the success patients are seeing through the holistic health care offered at Natural Health Improvement Center (NHIC) of South Jersey. Using a health improvement program called Nutrition Response Testing ® , Outlaw and her New Jersey Associate Practitioners Laura Heaney-Burcher and Abbi Arculeo analyze the body with a non-invasive system of applied kinesiology, biochemistry and physics-based muscle testing, which gets to the root cause of a person’s health problems. Testing is done in real-time and determines  the best course of action that will allow the body to repair itself with nutritional recommendations and whole food supplements.

Some of the most common health issues handled at NHIC include asthma, eczema, digestive  problems, acne, anxiety and exhaustion. Outlaw, who is a clinical herbalist, functional/clinical nutritionist, and advanced Nutrition Response Testing ® practitioner, can test the body for sensitivities to wheat, corn, sugar, dairy, mercury,  chlorine, etc. She then designs a customized designed clinical nutritional plan that includes the highest quality nutritional supplements mainly from Standard Process.

Outlaw says patients who follow the program’s recommendations see some changes quickly, from improved digestion and more energy to fewer headaches and better-looking skin, hair and nails, while issues such as autoimmune disease, thyroid issues and more serious health concerns may take longer to recover from.  

NHIC is also introducing a Heart Sound Recorder, which tests to see if there are any nutritional  imbalances in a person’s cardiovascular system that may hinder the body from being able to heal. Outlaw says Nutrition Response Testing ® has reversed congestive heart failure in one of her patients in just two months. “This patient was told by doctors that if he didn’t have surgery on his blood clot he would die—and two of his brothers did die from it,” she says. “In two months he was able to beat it and the doctors were shocked. He went from not being able to walk up stairs to lifting weights.”

Despite the success stories, the practitioners at NHIC hear doubts from those still skeptical about muscle testing. Heaney-Burcher focuses on gut health and often hears concerns about using products containing wheat germ from people who have been told they have a wheat allergy or follow a paleo/keto diet. “We’re focusing in on using the therapeutic part of the food in a supplemental form that the body does not have to work hard to digest,” she says. “Patients find they aren’t sensitive to it because it’s not the whole thing; it’s defatted wheat germ that contains so little gluten, even someone with Celiac wouldn’t react.”

Healing Pets
While humans are the majority of patients visiting NHIC, pets are welcome as well. “We don’t replace veterinary care, but we can offer guidance for pet parents to help their companions be healthy without unnecessary drugs,” says Outlaw.  

With the help of Arculeo, an animal specialist with a degree in equine science, NHIC can design a species-appropriate diet that can address underlying issues of grumpiness, separation anxiety, itchy skin, respiratory issues and more.

 “Many pet owners have gone to the vet for these issues and haven’t gotten anywhere with antibiotics. We do the same Nutrition Response Testing ® that we do on people—it’s safe for them—and design a clinical nutrition program,” says Outlaw.

Arculeo finds out through nutrition testing what an animal needs and how much. “It’s very important to have a species-appropriate diet, which includes raw food and healthy fats, not just dry kibble,” she says. “Nutrition matters for every mammal. Food is being recalled for containing pieces of plastic and other toxins—it’s a chemical soup they are eating and it’s not nourishing them. Just like people need vegetables and protein and fats, animals’ bodies need the right nutrition.”

NHIC visits local farms to help large animals including horses. One horse had suffered with hives for most of its life. “This horse was rubbing its skin raw, rolling around scratching itself,” says Outlaw. “The hives were as big as baseballs, and caused ligament damage and joint issues. We put the horse on a nutrition plan and within 24 hours the hives went away. It’s amazing what just a little  bit of nutrition can do, and we’ve saved so many show horses who may otherwise have been put down.”

Outlaw and the team at NHIC hope to spread the message about Nutrition Response Testing ® and have educational seminars planned in the coming months. “These are free to the public  and will educate people about their own health—their families’ and their pets,” Outlaw says. “This is the only way to get results and live the life they deserve, healthy and symptom free.”

Natural Health Improvement Center of South Jersey
1020 Kings Hwy. N., Suite 110 | Cherry Hill
(856) 667-6805 |

Photography by Gary Mattie

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 2 (April 2019).
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