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Top 5 Ways to Make your Home Smart
Orbit Energy & Power offers a host of energy-conscious services, including residential and commercial solar and whole-home back-up generators.

by Liz Hunter

HOMEOWNERS ARE BECOMING INCREASINGLY INTERESTED IN PRODUCTS THAT WILL INCREASE THE EFFICIENCY OF THEIR HOME, from roofing and solar panels to smart technology. Fortunately, Orbit Energy & Power offers a host of energy-conscious services, including residential and commercial solar and whole-home back-up generators. Founded by President Sean Angelini—a pioneer in the solar industry—Orbit Energy & Power is driven by a responsibility and commitment to environmental sustainability. Its team has been involved in many high-profile projects, including the first-ever worldwide installs for such companies as DuPont Nemours, Johnson & Johnson and MERCK Pharmaceutical.

This month, Angelini is sharing the benefits of a smart home and in which areas performance can be improved. “You want your home to ‘perform’ at the highest energy efficiency level,” he says. “Smart homes are extremely innovative, technologically focused power homes that provide multi-purpose functions.” With smart upgrades, homeowners will find they may save money and have a safer, more efficient home. 

1. Solar: Orbit Energy’s residential solar program helps eliminate the electric bill completely, requiring zero dollars out of pocket. This fully funded, no risk/no investment program is available with  the support of state and federal funding sources. Orbit Energy & Power will get you all the state and federal incentives needed for your residential solar project, which is the way solar was intended to be offered. In other words, this is not the solar program of yesteryear. 

2. Roofing: Whether you’re installing a new roof on a home/business or replacing an existing roofing system,  it’s the perfect opportunity to do things more sustainably. Homeowners want to choose a roof that has a long life expectancy and improves their home’s energy usage and comfort. Even the most energy-efficient roofs still allow some heat, cold and moisture to get into an attic. A quality ventilation system will help to circulate  air efficiently in and out of the attic. “We can  incorporate a solar-powered attic fan to keep your bills low and your home comfortable,” says Angelini. “Choosing the right roofing material can reduce your energy bills while giving your home a unique look.” 

3. Insulation: Insulation is surprisingly one of the most important aspects to create an efficient home/building envelope. “You’ll notice older homes have about 6-8 inches of insulation in the attic because that’s what the building code called for at the time. A lot has changed; it’s been determined that having such a small amount of insulation can cause a lot of comfort issues in the home and cause your HVAC systems to work that much harder. By properly insulating your home, you save on your energy cost and increase comfort,” he says.

4. Smart Thermostat: A smart thermostat  is a key element that monitors your heating and cooling to optimize energy usage. This allows you to remotely adjust the temperature in your home. Smart thermostats also track internal/external temperatures, the amount of time the HVAC system has been running and will even notify you if your air filter needs to be replaced. This allows you to manage the optimal efficiency of your HVAC unit.   

5. Ductless HVAC: HVAC is extremely important for the comfort and safety of your home/building. Ductless mini-split systems can use up to 60 percent less energy than traditional forced hot air units. The cooling com- ponents are more sophisticated and the air has no chance of warming inside ductwork. Cooling costs can decrease by up to 30 percent over a traditional unit. Mini-splits provide custom comfort for the space that they serve. Temperature zones adjust at the wall unit, by remote or through a smartphone. These features allow you to shut off heating and cooling in areas that aren’t occupied, saving you  additional money.  

Call Orbit Energy & Power for your free no cost/ no obligation in-home energy audit and start saving today!

Orbit Energy &Power
(800) 836-3987 | OrbitEnergy.US

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 1 (March 2019).
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