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Hidden Dangers In the Home
The Coit team is here to help protect your family.

by Staff

Most homeowners  are  aware  of where  the  dust and dirt lie in their ho me s  and are  diligent about regularly cleaning. However,  there  are  are as  that tend  to  be  forgotten about when it comes to care. Air ducts, dryer vents and fireplace chimneys that do not get regular care can put families at a great risk for danger. Coit Cleaning Services brings over 65 years of experience to homeowners.   

•  Air ducts are the main culprit in our homes for the cause of allergens

•  Don’t forget about expensive drapes that may be hanging near air ducts, they collect a surprisingly large amount of dust

•  Change your HVAC filters monthly to prevent build-up

Did You Know?
The same dirt found inside your vacuum bags and canisters is the same dirt found in your air ducts

Remember : Clean elevated places regularly. Places like ceiling fans and above doorways collect  as much dust as any other surface.

Professional Cleaning Schedule
DRYER VENTS: every 12 months

CHIMNEY SWEEP: every 12 months

AIR DUCTS: every 24 months

•  15,000 home fires every year in the U.S. are a result of clothes dryers

• Last year, Coit cleaned over 10,000 dryer vents

• From a typical home, about a half pound of lint is removed from the dryer vent after cleaning is complete

If clothes are taking too long to dry, lint is falling out of the dryer when removing clothes or the exterior flap barely opens when the dryer is running, your dryer is clogged. New dryers will prompt you to clean out the vent before running a dry cycle.

* Clean chimneys have no risk of catching fire

* By using seasoned woods, smaller structures, hotter fires and not burning things like cardboard, paper, trash or the leftover Christmas tree, fires can be prevented. 

A fire may have occurred in your chimney if you see puffy or honeycombed  creosote, creosote flakes or pieces on the roof or ground, cracked or collapses flue tiles or tile with large chunks missing, discolored  or distorted rain cap or cracks in the exterior masonry.

Coit Cleaning Services
For help on finding these hidden dangers in your home contact
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 9, Issue 6 (August 2018).
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