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Huntington Learning Center

by Editorial Staff, Suburban Family magazine

Huntington Learning Center: Your Tutoring Solution

At Huntington Learning Center in Cherry Hill and Turnersville, students between the ages of 5 and 17 receive help in a variety of school subjects. Tutoring is available in writing, math, phonics and test preparation, as well as specialized study for high school and college entrance exams.

For your student who struggles in school, or needs study skills or enrichment, the question is: Why choose Huntington? Richard Bernstein, director of the centers, says there are several major benefits to Huntington Learning Center. First, the Huntington system is still run by the founders, Ray and Eileen Huntington. They stand by their goal: “to give every student the best education possible.” That message is first and foremost in the minds of the staff at all times. “This gives us a huge advantage over others who may want to give students a quick fix. We look for the lasting solution,” says Bernstein, now in his 18th year with Huntington.

“We build a personalized learning program for your child based on his or her individual strengths and needs, which we identify using our in-depth academic evaluation,” says Bernstein. “One of the goals of Huntington is to help students improve their grades and self-confidence. To do this, Huntington uses a six-step process that begins with a student’s academic evaluation, includes one-on-one attention, and ends with frequent updates for parents.”

Here is what parents and their children can expect from the six-step process:

Step One: Academic Evaluation
Whether your child is just entering the first grade or preparing for college, Huntington Learning Center offers personalized programs designed to teach students how to think, learn and succeed.

Huntington administers a thorough test battery to evaluate a child’s academic strengths and weaknesses, which includes hand-eye coordination, reading and math skills, the ability to read aloud and write a short paragraph, among others. Huntington uses its own math placement exam to gain an understanding of a child’s computational and problem solving ability. Older students are also given a study habits evaluation.

Step Two: Analysis and Review
Each child’s unique test battery is individually reviewed before being presented to parents. Huntington uses this analysis to develop a prescription—or learning plan—that will be shared during the parent conference.

Step Three: Parent Conference & Learning Plan
Parents are invited to the office to review Huntington’s observations, conclusions and recommendations. The learning plan will be presented, outlining the subjects that will need attention. Huntington will discuss the estimated program duration and develop a tutoring schedule and payment plan that meets your family’s needs.

Step Four: Tutoring
Huntington begins instruction at levels that will ensure success. For example, if a child’s reading ability is at the fifth-grade level, tutoring will begin at the fourth-grade level, giving the student a sense of accomplishment. As success is experienced, the level of difficulty is increased to challenge a child. Tutors will work with a student one on one and sometimes four on one because studies show that students benefit from this balance of individual and team work.

Step Five: Interim Conference
Huntington schedules frequent conferences to discuss progress at school, home and at the tutoring center. Parents and the professionals at Huntington can discuss the goals, success and challenges they are facing.

Step Six: School Visits
By working together with the school, Huntington can collectively provide the attention and guidance a child deserves. With a parent’s permission, tutors will call or visit with teachers, guidance counselors and coaches to keep them informed of progress or areas of need.

Founded in 1977, Huntington Learning Center is the longest-standing tutoring service of its kind. The staff works with students to achieve remarkable improvements in their grades, test scores and self-esteem. The success of the program lies in the one-to-one attention students receive and the expertise of the caring, certified teachers. Certified, highly trained tutors teach students to think, learn and succeed on their own.

In addition, the centers are accredited by the Middle States Association, the same group that accredits many local schools, including University of Pennsylvania and Temple. The centers are the only tutoring companies in either Camden or Gloucester counties to be accredited. Furthermore, the center’s staff is the most experienced in South Jersey.

Huntington Learning Center helps students excel through the school years and beyond. There is no better time than the present to consider a program for your children that will not only improve their grades, but increase their confidence and eagerness to learn. Bernstein has learned that problems in school do not go away or fix themselves. “Invariably, when we meet with parents and ask, ‘How long have you seen this problem?’, the answer is ‘always’ or ‘forever,’ or ‘since the beginning of school.’”

The best advice he can offer: If you sense any problem, seek help immediately. Do not assume it will resolve itself. “Since we administer an academic evaluation, we can find the source and, therefore, fix the problem before it’s too late.”

Huntington Learning Center
Cherry Hill: (856) 751-1848
Turnersville: (856) 227-0033

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 12 (February, 2013).
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