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AristaCare at Cherry Hill

by Editorial Staff, Suburban Family magazine

AristaCare at Cherry Hill: the region’s premier sub-acute rehab and nursing center

AristaCare at Cherry Hill is making quite a name for itself as a dynamic and innovative industry leader of sub-acute rehabilitation and nursing care. AristaCare at Cherry Hill offers the latest in medical and rehabilitative technology and the most advanced post hospital cardiac program in the area.

What sets AristaCare at Cherry Hill apart from other short-term, post-hospital rehab centers is their cardiac program, intensive seven-day-a-week inpatient rehab program, the Alzheimer’s memory care unit, and their unique approach to care and customer service. Additionally, AristaCare offers a large spectrum of other clinical services as well, including, but not limited to, LiveMD, an After Hours Telemedicine program, wound care, trach care, TPN/IV therapy, peritoneal dialysis, hospice and respite care.

Cardiac care is AristaCare’s specialty, which is why The Cardiac Center at AristaCare and its cardiac programs are the most comprehensive in the state. The programs include cardiac telemetry monitored rehab, a specialized cardiac nurse practitioner who does thorough cardiac assessments and follows the patients through their course of treatment post discharge, monitoring a host of areas in the effort to progress the patient safely and prevent any complications, a congestive heart failure (CHF) recurrence prevention program, and Cardiac Boot Camp, a sub-acute conditioning and education program where the cardiac patient and patient’s family receives multidisciplinary education on areas such as diet, nutrition, stress reduction, healthy lifestyle, home self monitoring, and more.

The AristaCare team is dedicated to providing this education to patients and their families to ensure that when they return home, they can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The menus also include palatable cardiac and CHF diets, enabling patients to learn the proper way of eating for optimal health.

Another flagship program is the orthopedic rehab program. Their newly expanded and renovated 2,550-square-foot therapy gym boasts high-tech, leading-edge equipment that is incorporated in patients’ day-to-day care and activities. The hospital-grade equipment is computerized and stores the information on each patient, enabling it to monitor progress. It assesses and treats the patients, so based on the previous therapy session, the equipment can create a new program to challenge the patients in their areas of deficit.

AristaCare’s therapists are the top professionals in their area of expertise and they carefully follow the individual protocol set forth by each patient’s orthopedist. AristaCare also offers seven-day-a-week therapy, allowing patients to continue with their therapy during the weekends.

AristaCare at Cherry Hill also offers an Alzheimer’s memory care unit, aptly named Nostalgia Park. The fundamental approach is based on the Montessori and Best Friends approaches to Alzheimer’s, in addition to resourcing and networking through the Alzheimer’s Association and NCCDP (National Commission of Certified Dementia Practitioners). AristaCare believes its employees, as well as the residents’ families and loved ones, play a vital role in the success of each individual. The team approach is a multidisciplinary one. They understand each resident is an individual with unique challenges. They always work toward supporting their independence and well-being, while meeting their individual needs by promoting opportunities for success in a failure-free environment.

Finally, a large part of what sets AristaCare apart is their philosophy of care and customer service in their ability to get to know and understand people and treat them like family. They employ a dedicated concierge, named the “Director of Quality Experience.” He introduces himself to every newly admitted patient within the first 24-48 hours, putting them at ease—letting patients and their families know they can contact him with any questions or concerns. He is not behind closed doors; you do not need an appointment to speak with him; he gives you his cell phone and you are encouraged to call.

The patients have access to the Director of Quality Experience any time of day or night, and a sign displaying his picture and cell phone number is at every patient’s bedside. This makes a huge impact on the patients’ experience, and at AristaCare at Cherry Hill, nothing is more important than the complete satisfaction of every client and family served. Having a “personal advocate” has proven to make a big difference in a patient’s experience.

Touring AristaCare at Cherry Hill is the only way to appreciate all that they have to offer. Prospective patients and their families are encouraged to visit the center to learn more about the unique, comprehensive services provided, and to meet with the hand-picked staff. The team at AristaCare at Cherry Hill is second to none.

Patient Success Story
Back in April, Bob Kanauss came to AristaCare with an inability to ambulate without assistance. All he wanted to do was walk again, but he kept getting rejected for replacement hip surgery due to his weight. Bob weighed more than 400 pounds at his highest weight. Unfortunately, he collapsed at home and stopped breathing and was found by his son, who called 911. In the hospital, he was intubated and, during that period, began losing weight. He currently suffers from Parkinson’s and both hips and one knee are in need of replacements. His goal is to one day walk again. He weighed 268 pounds on April 10 with pitting edema in both legs. He has worked closely with Tracy Lanoza, APN, AristaCare’s advanced cardiac nurse practitioner, during the last two months. With severe diet and medication changes, some behavior modification, plus customized, intensive rehab, he now weighs 235. And he just received the best news ever—his orthopedic surgeon has agreed to do the hip surgery, which will enable Bob to walk again.

AristaCare at Cherry Hill
1399 Chapel Ave.
Cherry Hill
(856) 663-9009

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 8 (October, 2012).
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