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Koko FitClub

by Glori Gayster
Get Smart: Koko FitClub offers ‘smart’ automated personalized training.

Today more than ever, the importance of a well-balanced fitness routine is critical to one’s health. Obesity rates are skyrocketing and research has linked many serious health conditions to poor fitness. Yet time is also less these days. Between work, carpools and after-school activities, finding a routine to get and stay fit in a simple, time-efficient way is needed.

“I’ve been working out regularly for more than 30 years,” says Karen Keegan, co-owner of Koko FitClub of Cherry Hill. “The Koko Smartraining concept is truly unique—defining customized fitness programs for individuals based upon strength, body size, range of motion and goals.”

Since opening this February, Koko FitClub has been offering clients a new way to get in shape. Koko holds true to its roots—engaging one’s mind and body in a way that supports each person’s goals and individual fitness level with personal attention.

Whether looking to lose weight, build muscle or achieve total body definition, Koko describes itself as “the perfect fusion of advanced technology and world class personal training.” Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes are drawn to the studio and its simplicity. Within weeks, the results really begin to show.

Adds Keegan’s husband and partner, Joe, “It makes the workout so easy. The last thing clients want is to figure out what exercise they have to do when and for how long. Smartraining does it all for them.”

How does it work?
The inventors of Koko Smartraining designed the program to build and preserve the body’s foundation of lean muscle. This not only makes clients look and feel younger, but also increases energy levels, strength and agility. Moreover, it helps people fight disease and increases metabolism.

New members are thoroughly evaluated by a Koko certified trainer, who assesses their current fitness and has a detailed discussion of their goals. The result is a custom-designed workout program in which Koko’s advanced technology removes all the obstacles that can deter one from achieving fitness goals. Karen shares that, “the regimen is so personal, taking clients from where they are now to where they want to be.”

Koko FitClub promotes a proven exercise methodology that strategically combines circuit training with real weights and interval cardio training with treadmills and elliptical trainers based upon an individual’s goal and skill level. Says Joe, “Each Koko session is completely customized to be at the right level of intensity each day, for maximum results. The system pushes individuals when they need it and provides the appropriate time to rest, recover and recharge.”

For KokoFit member Marla, the decision to join was easy. “I have been away from the gym for a year due to injury, but the ‘back relief’ foundation program gently eased me back into a safe, consistent and effective routine,” she says. In just three weeks, I am feeling more fit, energized and at home in my body.”

As clients progress through their program, Koko monitors results and evolves each custom regimen. In general, each phase of the plan lasts two to eight weeks depending on the individual. Once completed, members are re-evaluated and programs are adjusted accordingly.

What makes it so easy?
According to Karen, the heart of Koko is technology and its ability to automatically track and report each client’s progress throughout the fitness session. Every customized Koko workout is just 30 minutes or less, and even with the combined cardio and strength training components, clients complete the full workout in under an hour. Karen goes on to explain that, “Our system manages the key elements of every workout—intensity, workload and pace— so clients don’t have to. In doing so, all wasted time is eliminated and one can maximize results in the shortest time possible.”

For exercise enthusiasts like her, Karen says clients can complement the Koko regimen with other physical activities they enjoy. The best part, however, is that it isn’t needed. “Every Koko Smartraining session is a full-body workout,” she says. “Done consistently, Koko’s three-day a week program can easily be one’s only workout with great results.”

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 2 (April, 2012).
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