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Friends Custom Painters

by Hilary Banks
A Job Well Done

Friends Custom Painters provides customers with a peace of mind, a fresh look, and a job well done.

For style savvy homeowners looking for a fresh look, whether settling into a new place, sprucing up an outdated room, or increasing the property value on an old home, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference.

Though the paint may still be drying on the brand new business, owner Andy Bolat and his dedicated team at Friends Custom Painters have been working together on custom painting jobs for more than 17 years. Based in Burlington, Friends provides quality work on both interior and exterior painting projects, along with power washing and staining, for all of southern New Jersey. More importantly, Bolat says he provides security in a job well done. “We have a crew that has experience, that knows what they’re doing, and gets the job done.”

Bolat says he sees a wide range of customers, all looking to take their homes to the next level. “The weather wears out [materials] and they need a fresh coat of deck stain; or they’re tired of the color of a bedroom; they’ve been looking at a color for four or five years and need a fresh start. There is no set reason why someone wants help,” he says. But all of Bolat’s customers have the same need in mind: quality service.

Attention to detail
The color of a home’s exterior or interior rooms can be some of the first impressions in the eyes of a new guest, or even a potential homebuyer. When something that important is at stake, the expert eye of a team like Friends Custom Painters is a necessity.

“It sounds easy to paint, but it’s not easy,” says Bolat. He explains that a homeowner can miss important details when attempting to tackle a painting project on their own. “We get places that you might not be able to reach or see.”

A lack of experience in painting, staining and power washing can lead to a less than impressive final outcome, and even a hit financially, as homeowners try to salvage a failed project. Safety can also be an issue, as many do not know the proper steps in using equipment like ladders and power washers. The experienced and educated team at Friends Custom Painters is there to wipe away any doubt and provide a stress- and pain-free outcome for their customers.

Before beginning any project, experts at Friends meet and provide a free estimate for customers. From there, painters meet with the client to offer their experienced opinion on color choice and painting preference. “We have a color chart with thousands of colors, and we also custom mix paints specifically for the customer,” explains Bolat. Painters take into consideration the final outcome, as to not leave customers with the shock of a color they were not visualizing. “Paint looks different as it goes on and when it dries and when it ends, and we know what customers should expect.”

From there, professionals at Friends determine the necessary repairs needed to the property. Wall damage from leaks, spackling holes in drywall, and pre-stain power washing are just some of the steps painters and project managers may take before beginning a painting project. They work hard and respectfully, making sure to protect hardwood flooring, carpet and furniture of a room before beginning any project. The result? A clean finish that will instantly boost the energy of any room or exterior. Customer satisfaction

Bolat says he bases the success of his company on the satisfaction of his many customers. Client feedback is carefully monitored through registration forms, which gauge the result of the job at hand and the painter in charge. Each customer is also given a complete warranty, guaranteed to protect against loss of quality in the paint or the job and returning leaks repaired by Friends Custom Painters. No job is finished until the customer is completely satisfied, which is just one of the reasons customers keep returning to Friends for help with their home projects.

“We stay on top of things to make sure the customer is happy when we leave the house,” Bolat says.

Friends Custom Painters? 5 Harrison Park Lane, Burlington
(609) 239-4099

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 2 (April, 2012).
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