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Rightway Waterproofing: The Right Stuff

by Glori Gayster

Rightway Waterproofing can protect your home before it is too late.

It may be a hidden, rarely visited storage area or a fully finished room for fun and entertainment. Either way, basements are a part of the home and bring potential issues that can cause homeowners concern. A wet basement can damage belongings and be a general nuisance. But what may appear as a small problem can often lead to much bigger ones, including toxic black mold or structural damage.

Rightway Waterproofing has been a standard-bearer for quality basement waterproofing, basement finishing and mold remediation in Southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Delaware for more than 20 years. As members of the Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc., Basement Health Association, Inc. and others, the company’s roster of services includes repairing basement leaks, installing drainage systems, and eliminating mold from homes.

“We know that an educated client is one that makes the best decision. And, bad decisions lead to bad feelings,” shares Carolyn Suess of Rightway Waterproofing Co. “We are straight with clients. We take the time to answer questions and explain the options. In the end, we will tell clients if the job truly isn’t one for a basement waterproofing contractor.”

What Homeowners Should Know
At Rightway, education starts with offering homeowners valuable resources. According to Suess, “Leaking basements have some obvious indicators, like pools of water on the floor or water trickling down the walls. Others may have musty odors, peeling paint or wallpaper, or rusty pipes.”

Certified and Licensed
Suess is licensed and certified in mold remediation, and owner Al Grabov is a Certi­fied Waterproofing Specialist through the Basement Health Association, so Rightway’s flow of knowledge and expertise never runs dry. The company website is also home to helpful tips for keeping water out and away from your home’s foundation.

Common problems come in the form of leaks, cracks, buckling and sinking associated with the basement’s windows, flooring and walls. More often than not, these issues cannot be corrected with home remedies and require professional intervention.

Water Management the ‘Rightway’
One of the greatest misnomers is that a basement can be completely waterproofed. Suess explains, “All homes have what is called a water table underneath the home. When it rains, the ground water seeps into the soil and causes the water table to rise.”

As water begins pushing against the foundation, the pressure can eventually lead to water seepage, cracked walls and/or floors, and a deteriorating foundation. Rightway takes a proactive approach to water management. “The process is actually rather simple if done correctly,” says Suess. “It involves the collection of water before it has a chance to even touch a home’s foundation with a sub-floor pressure relief system and sump pump used to drain water away from the home.”

Rightway Waterproofing has more than 23 years of experience in managing water and specializes in many different types of water management systems. Its highly trained field team inspects the area and type of foundation to determine the best, most economical system, which Rightway then guarantees.

Breaking the Mold
Closely linked to wet basements is the growth of mold. Found in the dampest and darkest places, it can exist far before it’s noticeable. Of the many different types of mold—some visible and others invisible—the most dangerous is Stachybotrys, or “black” mold, a pungent-smelling bacteria found in extremely wet basements that take on a lot of water or moisture.

Suess explains, “Mold should not be taken lightly. Yes, it smells, is unsightly and decreases home values. More importantly, mold has been linked to a number of health issues, including headaches, asthma and allergies. Having a professional inspection at the first sign of mold is important and remediation can be critical for those who live or visit within the home.”

A basement is part of the home—why ignore it? Basement waterproofing can stabilize your home’s property value and provide great peace of mind. Since its founding, Rightway has been providing long-lasting work with high standards, because the welfare of clients’ homes is at stake.

“Whether it’s refinishing a basement or ridding a basement of black mold, we approach every project as though we’re working on our own homes. We don’t subcontract. We don’t use hard-sell scare tactics. We don’t forget to call when the job is done—to make sure it was done right,” says Suess. “That’s the ‘Rightway.’”

Rightway Waterproofing Co.
Serving all of New Jersey, Eastern PA and Delaware
(856) 317-1111

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1 (March, 2012).
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