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Closets By Design: Creating Spaces

by Jeannine Fielding
Make more room with organization from Closets By Design.

When it comes to organization and functionality, there are several areas that seem to beg for some structure. Closets become a catch-all for clothes, shoes, linens, accessories, home items, toys and more. Garages can become so full of gardening equipment, unused furniture and electronics that there’s hardly enough room for a vehicle. And offices would be buried under papers and supplies without some organization system.

Closets by Design in South Jersey custom designs, manufactures and installs products that can solve these organizational problems and fix more complicated spaces.

Consolidating Makes Sense
According to experts who study levels of anxiety in adults, the morning is one of the most stressful times of the day. Whether you’re rushing to get to a meeting on time or trying to get the kids out the door, it doesn’t matter. You still need your wardrobe, shoes and accessories.

You may have items in your home stored in a variety of places. Clothes in the closet. Shoes under the bed. Accessories in the top dresser drawer. Makeup in the bathroom.

What would it be like to save time in the morning by simply consolidating all that you need? Closets by Design meets with each customer during a free in-home design consultation. The designers ask personal questions to meet that goal, such as: Do you like your socks folded? Pants hung by the waist; long or in half? Shoes facing in or out? Jewelry in a drawer or hanging?

And the reason for all the questions? Mary Conway, owner of Closets by Design, says, “Time is too valuable to be disorganized.” Her company wants to “give back some tranquility to the home-owner” by helping to consolidate their necessities.

A huge benefit of this organization, Conway says, is the extra space. “Doubling the size of the storage is typical, with just basic components,” she says.

Maureen Walker of Pitman worked with Closets by Design to create storage for a unique space in her breakfast room. “I went to the big box stores and various cabinet companies in the area, but none seemed able to accommodate my area,” she says.

Top-Notch Service
A common complaint when ordering prefabricated cabinets is the lack of service continuity if something goes wrong. If there is a problem with a delivery, oftentimes the original company contact is not available and a customer has to wait to get the problem resolved. A local company like Closets by Design provides a more individualized service.

For example, one of the main reasons Walker would recommend Closets by Design is because of the one-on-one time she had with the company. “The designer was very friendly and listened to my idea coming up with exactly what I wanted,” she says. “I can’t say enough about her expertise.”

Individualized designs and personal attention to each homeowner’s specific requirements is key to creating a truly functional organized space.

Accessories Make It Stand Out
There’s something about making an investment in custom-made closets and cabinetry that belies the box store’s familiar use of cheaper accessories in order to cut corners. Instead, customers who use Closets by Design know they are going to get quality accessories and workmanship that will stand the test of time.

When completing a closet in a master bedroom, Closets by Design uses solid brass handles and knobs—not hollow ones. Also, when hanging drawers designed to withstand heavy tools in a garage, the hardware they use, such as ball bearings, can withstand up to 150 lbs. of weight versus less expensive and lower-quality slides which can’t. “Quality of components is one of the biggest factors setting us apart from our competition,” says Conway.

In fact, no matter what you are purchasing from Closets by Design, you will receive a quality product, stellar service and amazing results. Customers throughout New Jersey attest to the excellent customer service, extremely polite and clean installers, and the overall finished product that enhances daily living and improves the quality of their homes.

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1 (March, 2012).
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