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Frederic Meserall & Company

by Heleigh Bostwick
Specializing in distinctive eyewear, the team at Frederic Meserall & Company stands by its motto: To Make You the Best Pair of Glasses You’ve Ever Had.

“Frederic Meserall & Company has been a fixture in Haddonfield since 1947,” says Frederic Meserall, second-generation owner of the vision and hearing company that was founded by his father after serving in the Army as part of the optical unit during World War II.

One of the secrets of Meserall’s continued success—the company has won ‘Best of South jersey’ 10 times—is his experienced team of professionals. Among them are Sandra Bwint, O.D., voted ‘Best Optometrist’ by Philadelphia Inquirer readers, and world-renowned ophthalmologist Mark Andrew, M.D., inventor of Aqualase for cataract removal surgery. Three licensed opticians, including Meserall himself, round out the team.

“We are proud of the relationships and friendship we have built in the community and around the world,” says Meserall, who explains that once people have bought a pair of glasses here, they always want to return to the store for the next pair even if they have moved away. “Repeat customers come to us from all over the US, and from as far away as England and South America.”

Distinctive Eyewear
“We are not your average eyewear store,” says Meserall. “We carry about 70 brands, mostly high-end boutique eyewear including Coach, Prada, Gucci, and Tag Heuer,” says Meserall. “When I visit the trade shows every year I always keep an eye out for distinctive, unique and interesting dewigners. Our frame selection is very hands on. We only stock designers that use the highest quality materials and hand pick which frames we are going to carry in the store.”

One such collection is LaFont, a Parisian-based company that features a funky, fresh line of eyewear with its own distinct personality. “LaFont is an exciting eyewear line for us because it is so unique and so chic,” says Meserall. “The designer hand cuts and colors all of the plastic that is used for the frames.”

“ProDesign is another brand I like because it is so modern—and most stores in the US don’t carry this line,” Meserall says. ProDesign is a Danish company that combines the clean and simple lines of Danish design principles to create eyewear that ‘dresses the face’.”

Tag Heuer is perhaps better known for its Swiss luxury watches, but Meserall notes that Tag Heuer makes one of the finest eyewear lines as well. The eyewear collection is made in France and the frames are made with the same metals Tag Heuer uuses in their watches such as titanium or mixed metals, giving them that distinct Tag Heuer appearance,” Meserall says.

Sports-Related Eyewear
Frederic Meserall & Company is also the go-to place for sports-related eyewear, whether you’re looking for prescription lenses for swim goggles or a special pair of sunglasses to maximize your golf game, cut the glare during a tennis match, for serious fishing expeditions, or for a day of sailing. “Golfers love the Kanon brand that is popular with pro-golfers these days,” says Meserall. “The type and color of the lenses can actually have an effect on how your eyes perceive the [golf] green or the ball.”

Lenses Crafted with Cutting Edge Technology
In addition to selling distinctive eyewear frames for any occasion, Frederic Meserall & Company is proud of their use of cutting edge technology when it comes to lenses. “We carry a full line of digital high definition lenses that are very precise, with very little prescription distortion,” says Meserall. “Precision and accuracy are extremely important in our line of business.”

Digital high definition lenses are particularly suited to progressive lenses, which Meserall notes are popular with baby boomers. “Unlike bifocals, progressive lenses are multi-focal with the prescription strength changing gradually from the top to the bottom of the lenses,” explains Meserall.

Digital Hearing Aids
“Hearing aids are definitely a growing market,” says Meserall adding that he carries only the most up to date digital hearing aids. “Digital hearing aids contain a computer chip that is able to digitally process sounds in a way to maximize the sound of speech while minimizing background noise,” he explains. “Hearing aids are not what they used to be. Some of them are so cutting edge that they are Bluetooth compatible and you can synch your [mobile] phone with them.” Meserall adds, “The technology is changing so fast that hearing aids today are better than they were, say nine months to a year ago.”

Frederic Meserall & Company also carries eyewear accessories including eyeglass cases, cords, and chains.

“Glasses are our passion,” says Meserall. “When a customer tells us, ‘This is the best pair of glasses I’ve ever had,’ we know we’ve achieved our goal and made a new friend.”

Frederic Meserall & cComany is located at 206 E. Kings Highway in Haddonfield, NJ; (856) 429-6930. For more information visit their website at

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 8 (October, 2011).
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