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Eaise Design and Landscaping

by Joe Ross

Eaise Design and Landscaping: Make it Easy

With Eaise Design and Landscaping you get a personal touch.

When Eaise Design and Landscaping (pronounced ay-see) opened in 1989 their primary focus was lawn care and maintanance. Since then, they have grown to offer clients across the Delaware Valley a wide array of commercial and residential landscaping and construction services with a personal touch.

Above all, Eaise Design is a family business, and while a lot has changed through the years, their strong sense of understanding and service has helped them produce excellent results for their customers and community.

Kevin Eaise, owner and CEO of Eaise Design and Landscaping, knows what sets his company apart from similar organizations in the tri-state area. “Our unparalleled customer service,” he says. “We take pride in all our jobs, not just the larger projects.”

A Cure for all Seasons
During this holiday season, let Eaise Design and Landscaping create a dazzling, colorful and festive holiday lighting installation for your property -- that puts other displays to shame. From the displays’ design and installation, to take-down and storage, Eaise will work with clients to develop a signature look and execute based on exactly what the customer desires, making your home or business look like a Christmas Wonderland.

The winter months also pose a tough challenge to commercial businesses: the menace of unmanageable snowfall. Eaise’s commercial snow removal services mean that businesses can have their parking lot cleared of snow and get back to business as usual.

The spring and summer weather means an enviously green, luxurious lawn for dedicated homeowners and businesses, but what good is a lawn if no one can see it? Standard low-voltage night lighting can bring a landscaping investment to life during all hours of the day. In the heat of the summer, Eaise’s full-service irrigation and installation services provide the necessary care and maintanence to fight unpredictable dry spells and storms. Eaise can fulfill all of those summertime requests, and much more, with the technology and professionalism of a company their size but also with the same personal attention that much smaller companies may provide.

Eaise and his associates know that this year-round, full-service approach allows Eaise to be the best company it can be. “Providing all these services allows us to stay on top of our work and be proactive,” says Eaise. It’s also what allows them to maximize each client’s budget. “Our customers are always looking for value. We are constantly looking for ways to give our customers the most bang for their buck.”

Building First Impressions
Eaise knows a thing or two about great first impressions, as they have been providing business of all sorts with uniquely dependent residential or commercial designs, hardscaping and construction services for more than 20 years.

The entrance to a person’s home or place of business is a visitor’s first opportunity to gain a perspective on the owner. For a commercial enterprise, that first impression can often mean the difference between winning a new customer or losing them to the competition. For a homeowner, this ensures that the home shines just as brightly as the family living inside.

The company’s true specialty is providing a comprehensive service for needs of all seasons. Other competitors prepare for only a single season, neglecting the remaining year. For the client that means more contacts to keep straight, more appointments to schedule, and, worst of all, more people to pay.

Eaise provides a peace of mind for customers who know that, one phone call to Eaise takes care of all phases of landscaping, concrete, asphalt, excavation, electrical work and gutter installation, as well as a virtually endless list of other professional services. Their ability to provide the complete package of their services means that everything is designed and completed in harmony. There are no scheduling conflicts to push back completion dates and Eaise’s ability to coordinate all of the components of a client’s construction job also allows them to work within that client’s budget.

As a family-run company, Eaise knows that few things are more valuable than a predictable timetable and budget. “We are very motivated to make our customers feel valued and feel good about spending their hard-earned money,” says Eaise. “Things are tight right now. We truly appreciate all of our customers and the opportunities they give us.”

At Eaise Design and Landscaping, a strong attention to each customer’s goals is a key component to how they do business every day.

Eaise Design and Landscaping
Serving the Delaware Valley
(856) 428-7769

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 8 (October, 2011).
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