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Jazz Unlimited

by Glori Gayster
All That Jazz!

Jazz Unlimited empowers and encourages students to express themselves through dance.

“Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery.” —Martha Graham

For more than 40 years, Carryl Slobotkin, owner of Jazz Unlimited Studio of Dance Arts, has fostered this sentiment and encouraged dancers of all ages to discover the true power of dance. “What does the power of dance mean to me?” she asks. “It empowers individuals by building confidence, instilling discipline and creating an appreciation of the arts. It also makes you feel great!”

Slobotkin, herself a dancer and former New York City Rockette, has always enjoyed being onstage. But far greater was her passion for guiding others to discover all that the art of dance has to offer. That’s what drove her to open Jazz Unlimited, her Marlton dance studio. “We believe dance is a joyful and expressive form of self,” Slobotkin says. “We teach in a positive atmosphere, maintaining proper discipline of actions and tailoring instruction to the type of class and the age of the student.”

Basics and Beyond
Slobotkin takes great care in placing students in the right class based upon their age, skill and goals. Though her studio is well-known for its ensembles and teams of competitive dancers, many students simply attend for recreation and fun.

At Jazz Unlimited, student dancers establish a solid foundation based upon the art form’s core principles. At the end of each season, students are evaluated to ensure appropriate placement for further instruction. Students are encouraged to be well rounded, with a mix of genres including ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary movement.

Younger children, starting at age 2, can learn motor skills, movement and tumbling in the studio’s “Mommy and Me” class. From there, 3- to 5-year-old students can join creative dance classes to learn a combination of ballet and jazz, developing rhythm, coordination and poise as a foundation for future dance training.

“The key to building self esteem is to challenge a student, but not place them in a position to fail,” says Slobotkin. “Working together with the instructors and parents, we are able to create the optimum experience for those who dance for recreation and those who may choose to pursue dance as a career.”

First-Rate Facilities
Over the years, the 1,500-student studio has built a reputation for excellence. The school boasts a team of skilled, passionate instructors who have degrees in dance, experience with professional dance companies or both. A number of those instructors have been connected to the school for more than 20 years, Slobotkin says.

The dance facilities also feature state-of-the-art sound equipment and specially designed shock-absorbent flooring to protect dancers’ bodies.

Keeping on top of current trends is another reason Jazz Unlimited remains one of the top dance studios in South Jersey. Slobotkin’s years of choreographing and judging dance competitions have afforded her the opportunity to meet and work with some of the best, including choreographing for the Eagles’ cheerleaders. She regularly invites guest instructors to infuse classes with fresh moves, styles and techniques—further inspiring and energizing students and staff.

In recent years, reality dance competition So You Think You Can Dance has taken over television, bringing the world of contemporary dance to the mainstream. Jazz Un - limited was quick to react and add this fresh and exciting style of dance into its curriculum. Now, students ages 10 and up can learn contemporary hip hop and funk moves in a popular new class.

A Lifelong Passion
The school bustles with positive energy, as a safe haven for kids of all ages and personalities to express themselves.

“I enjoy going from studio to studio and watching kids of all ages dance, engage with one another and challenge themselves in an extremely positive way,” Slobotkin says. “Smiles, laughter and pure enjoyment replace any hint of bullying or taunting.”

A number of the school’s students start at the youngest age and dance through high school and beyond. “They meet friends from beyond their neighborhoods and schools, creating bonds and friendships that last a lifetime,” Slobotkin says.

“I want parents and students to experience this energy from their first visit and each time they attend class,” Slobotkin adds. “There are no better words than when a parent says, ‘My kids love coming here.’”

Jazz Unlimited Studio of Dance Arts
201 S. Route 73, Marlton

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 6 (August, 2011).
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