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Smaller Spaces, Bigger Possibilities
Downsizing into a Dreamy Retirement at The Evergreens

by Staff

Residents of The Evergreens, a premier Acts Retirement-Life Community in historic Moorestown, New Jersey, always seem to be having a good time. The scenic campus is lively, full of people making the most of a sunny afternoon.

When thinking about retirement, there are nearly as many ways to imagine what it looks like as there are people doing the imagining. Travel, the time to enjoy interests and spend time with family and friends, peace of mind, relaxation, opportunities to try out new hobbies – all of these can be components.

But for many people, figuring out when, if, or how to downsize and simplify their lives can be one of life’s major decisions. It’s a transition that often comes with negative connotations, but in reality “rightsizing” can be a golden opportunity to liberate yourself from maintenance, worry, and a lot of baggage you may not need so you can live your best life with minimal stress.

Determining whether to downsize is a complex consideration influenced by many individual factors. While there is no one definitive answer for everyone, it can be an attractive choice for many reasons, including lower housing costs, less maintenance, more convenience, and the chance to enjoy a fresh start in a new neighborhood and all the possibilities that are provided. At The Evergreens, the scenic campus buzzes with residents enjoying all the benefits of having moved into a lively, maintenance-free community full of great new friends and neighbors.

Retirement communities like The Evergreens satisfy most of what active seniors look for in a new home, with lush campuses, beautiful apartments, and excellent on-site amenities that cater to a wide variety of interests.  A move to The Evergreens means you can cancel your lawn service and your gym membership, spend every day in the pool, hang out with friends, and hone your talents in art studios, woodworking shops and community gardens. The Evergreens also features accessible one-floor living and advanced levels of care if needed via Acts Life Care. And staff at The Evergreens can help new residents tackle the challenges of moving and downsizing through a variety of services tailored to individual residents’ needs.

“Everything was unpacked and put away, including my clothing, the evening I moved in,” said The Evergreens resident Rae Philson. “My bed was made, and the lamps plugged in; the move couldn’t have been easier.”

Downsizing is not a blanket process. It's going to be unique for everyone. It needs to be right for that individual or that couple. Rightsizing is the first step in moving to a smaller space. It means establishing a living space that meets today’s needs, which include comfort, safety and personality. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or daunting.

Making the decision to downsize is rarely an easy one. The rewards, however, can be great. It is your retirement: Why not enjoy it to the fullest? To find out how you can make the most of your retirement at The Evergreens, visit their website or call today.

The Evergreens: An Acts Retirement-Life Community
(888) 521-3972

 Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 12.
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