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5 Reasons to Consider the Energy Star® Program with Allied Experts
Enhance your home’s energy efficiency through a comprehensive approach.

by Staff

In today’s eco-conscious world, making your home energy-efficient benefits both the environment and your wallet. Allied Experts offers the Home Performance with Energy Star program, which promises to enhance your home’s energy efficiency through a comprehensive approach. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider this program for you and your home, and why starting with a free energy assessment from Allied Experts is a smart first step.

Comprehensive Home-Energy Assessment at No Cost
The first step in home-energy efficiency is a free energy assessment conducted by Allied Experts. This initial evaluation is crucial, as it provides a detailed analysis of your home’s current energy usage and identifies specific areas that need improvement. The assessment covers various aspects of your home, from insulation levels to air sealing and heating and cooling systems. By understanding your home’s energy dynamics, you can make informed decisions about upgrades offering the most significant benefits.

Customized Energy-Saving Solutions
One size does not fit all when it comes to energy efficiency. The beauty of the Home Performance with Energy Star assessment is its tailor-made approach: Based on the free energy assessment findings, Allied Experts will recommend customized solutions tailored to your needs. This could include sealing leaks, upgrading insulation or updating heating and cooling systems. These targeted interventions ensure optimal energy savings and enhance the overall comfort of your home.

Improved Home Comfort and Indoor Air Quality
Energy-efficient homes are not only less costly to run, but are also more comfortable to live in. Upgrades such as better insulation and efficient heating and cooling systems help maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home, eliminating hot and cold spots that can be uncomfortable during extreme weather. Moreover, measures such as sealing leaks and upgrading ventilation improve indoor air quality by reducing the infiltration of outdoor pollutants and allergens.

Significant Cost Savings
Investing in home energy efficiency yields tangible cost savings in the long run. Reducing the energy required to heat and to cool your home will significantly reduce your utility bills. Additionally, the Home Performance with Energy Star program offers incentives from local utility companies, including:
• Up to $5,000 in rebates
• 0% interest
• On-bill repayment

These incentives further enhance the financial benefits of the program. The initial free energy assessment saves you the cost of a professional evaluation, adding to the savings.

Positive Environmental Impact
Participating in the Home Performance with Energy Star program is a step toward reducing your carbon footprint. Energy-efficient homes consume less power, reducing the demand for power plants and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. By optimizing your home’s energy use, you’re contributing to a healthier planet – a compelling reason for environmentally conscious homeowners to consider this program. Allied Experts also impact the environment in another positive way by planting a tree for every energy assessment they do.

Assess & Upgrade
The Home Performance with Energy Star Program with Allied Experts offers a holistic approach to enhancing your home's energy efficiency. Starting with a free energy assessment allows you to understand your current energy usage and potential improvements without any initial investment. With individualized solutions that lead to cost savings, improved comfort and a positive environmental impact, it's a program that offers comprehensive benefits. Consider making the smart move to assess and to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency with Allied Experts.

Other  Services from Allied Experts
Allied Experts’ heating, cooling and plumbing services are consistently outstanding, ensuring your home’s comfort systems operate at peak efficiency. Their team of dedicated professionals excels in every aspect of heating, cooling and plumbing services, from installation to maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, Allied Experts’ new Smart Maintenance Program is an innovative offering designed to keep your systems in top condition while optimizing performance and energy efficiency.

Check out these additional benefits
• Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Allied Experts’ Bluetooth-enabled tools and Smart Maintenance App integration allow for precise, streamlined diagnostics.
• Vitals Score™ and Performance Reports: See clear before-and-after data on your system’s health and efficiency, thanks to Allied Experts’ innovative grading system and comprehensive metrics.
• Real-Time Solutions: Live data streaming and photo documentation mean faster, more transparent and more effective service.
• Peak System Performance: Regular diagnostics ensure optimal operation of your heating and cooling systems.
• Significant Cost Savings: Early detection and preventative maintenance minimize the need for major repairs, reducing both maintenance and energy costs.
• Enhanced Home Value: Efficient, well-maintained HVAC systems boost your property’s appeal.

Contact Allied Experts today to learn more and to see how you can benefit from this proactive approach to home comfort. Please reach out to schedule an Energy Assessment, to enroll in the Smart Maintenance program or to request service. The Allied Experts team is here to assist you with all your needs.

Allied Experts Heating & Air Conditioning
Cherry Hill
(856) 528-2822

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