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Ahavah Farm and Colorful Living Studio
Nurturing Connections to Nature

by Staff

Sarah Mognoni, who has been a student of natural horsemanship for over 23 years, is the owner of Ahavah Farm. She offers a natural horsemanship program that allows students to learn physical, social and emotional skills by interacting with and forming an understanding of our equine friends.

“Horses entered my life very early,” says Mognoni. “The people who taught me were the real thing: Western wranglers. In many cases they were the descendants of people who had come across the country in covered wagons.”

Mognoni’s approach to horses is informed by the culture of natural horsemanship, a mutually beneficial philosophy that allows both horses and humans to meet each other where they are. At Ahavah Farm, with safety being top priority for both horses and students, the horses do not live in stalls or barns since they have free-choice shelters. The horses exist in a herd and are not separated from each other.

“Students get to witness the herd in action and feel the sense of connection to the natural world. This is very different from a traditional riding stable,” says Mognoni.

Equine therapy is especially beneficial to neurodivergent individuals, which is why part of Ahavah Farm’s therapy outreach includes a unique non-riding program for those with autism, Down syndrome, trauma, anxiety and more.

“The therapeutic nature is that it’s completely engaging,” says Mognoni. “Watching horses react and interact in an environment that is not human-made is very comforting and different from how people look at horses. The program encourages students to create a relationship with the horses in which both human and animal must make leaps into the other’s world to forge effective communication.”

While educating others is the basis of what Mognoni practices, she is committed to always learning, too. Just like people, no two horses are alike and getting to know each horse as they are is a learning experience.

“It’s about observing another species and paying a little less attention to yourself. By doing this life-enhancing work, my entire life view has changed.”

Ahavah Farm and Colorful Living Studio
Waterford Works
(856) 340-3784

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 15, Issue 8.
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