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A Journey to Better Health
GFit Nutrition takes the guesswork out of building a nutritious, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

by Kristen Dowd

It’s no secret that eating nutritious, filling foods is key to building a healthy lifestyle. But while this is an easy concept to understand, figuring out how to restructure your diet on your own is far from an easy task.

That’s where GFit Nutrition comes in.

“It’s meant to replace me,” Mark DiSalvo says. “It’s meant to put me in someone’s pocket so they have a nutrition coach on their smartphone.”

The online program – an extension of the GFit Women gyms – is a series of daily coaching videos, meal plans and countless recipes, all customized to each individual. GFit Nutrition simplifies the process of building a healthy, nutritious diet while educating users so they can make these new habits a part of daily life.

“It’s meant to introduce them to this healthy lifestyle and empower them to keep doing it and make it easier,” DiSalvo explains.

The key to building the GFit Nutrition program was taking a sustainable approach, according to DiSalvo. As a nutrition coach, he knows that diets are often short-term and triggered by a life event, such as an upcoming vacation or having a baby. With GFit Nutrition, yes, losing weight is part of the package, but the goal is building these healthy habits that are sustainable long-term.

“That means they have to enjoy it. A healthy life can be achieved with basic recipes,” DiSalvo says. “They learn by doing. They see what portion size looks like. They see what ingredients we’re using. They learn this is truly enjoyable. They can do it.”

Consistency is key
As the name implies, GFit Nutrition is all about better nutrition. The program is rooted in health and the goal is to change lives.

“We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how this can be custom, how you can actually have a coach working with you, but be anywhere in the country,” DiSalvo says. “We did that by creating a digital experience that, I think, is better than me being their coach myself. The consistency of the program makes it a better experience.”

With that, DiSalvo means instead of having inconsistent conversations with a trainer, users are having timely conversations with the program. Each day includes short video conversations that meet them where they are in their GFit Nutrition journey.

It’s consistent and it’s deliverable.

“When you know exactly what to do,” DiSalvo says, “people are good at executing things.”

There’s a bit of gamification in the program, too, with checkmarks for completed meals and scores for staying on task.

“So we’re bringing variety and enjoyment and pleasure combined with daily discussions, education,” DiSalvo says, “and there’s accountability as well.”

Easy-to-follow recipes
Users don’t need to worry about counting calories or macros, finding recipes or even building a shopping list.

GFit Nutrition does it all for you.

Pick, make and eat. That’s the simple formula. And with more than 100 meals customizable to each person, there’s no need to worry about getting bored with the menu.

“You shop. You make the meals. You follow the recipes,” DiSalvo says, “and you’re going to get results.”

The recipes are built around five food principles: calorie control and portion size; blood sugar and insulin control; protein intake optimization; trans fat and seed oil elimination; and a limit to common inflammatory foods.

“Everything balances out. Those things truly intersect and they represent our meals,” DiSalvo says. “They’re not just meals—they’re honoring all of these things. Everything has purpose in the program.”

The GFit 28-Day Challenge
The GFit 28-Day Challenge is not only what introduces users to their new healthy lifestyle, but it fully immerses them in the program. You follow the program to a tee, building a better relationship with food, following the recipes—and also learning how to make healthy food choices when outside the home later in the program.

It’s a little stricter, DiSalvo explains, but can bring about a transformative moment.

“Most people with our challenge, they start that way, get amazing results and then just keep using our recipes, our philosophy,” DiSalvo says. “It’s introducing them to something that’s long-term.”

It’s also a part of the program that users can turn to at any time when they want to refocus and recommit 100%.

Getting started
At, there are stories from those who tried the program—and thrived. The program’s values and principles are detailed, in addition to answers to commonly asked questions.

Getting started is as easy as choosing which membership term to purchase, signing up, entering information to build a customized program and bookmarking the website on a smartphone. At that point, you have Coach Mark in your pocket to help guide you on your way.

“It transforms someone,” DiSalvo says. “They make that connection to food and how powerful food is.”

GFit Nutrition

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 7.
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