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Analytics for Athletes
Groundbreaking. Empowering. Changing the playing field.

by Staff

Athletes drive hard. Some drive to the goal, others for the ball, and then there are those who drive to the finish line. No matter the sport or if one is competing as an individual or as part of a team, athletes are always looking for ways to enhance performance and prevent injury. Analytics for Athletes powered by Davis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab (Davis PTSR) does that and more right here in South Jersey.

Even the program name draws interest at a time when “analytics” have become more prevalent at every level of sport. It’s no longer for professional athletes, but for anyone who competes or enjoys recreational activities as a part of life. However, for Dr. Andrea Davis, former athlete and owner of Davis PTSR, the power of data and technology is not new. It is at the heart of her physical therapy practice. In fact, Analytics for Athletes was founded in 2019 and quickly became a trademark program used by individuals, coaches and schools throughout the area.

What is Analytics for Athletes?
Analytics for Athletes is a groundbreaking initiative that combines the expertise of Davis PTSR performance optimization specialists with cutting-edge wearable technology –  products such as the DorsaVi™, Proteus®, Quick Board®and Styku™ 3D Body Scanner. The program, developed by Dr. Davis, accurately identifies both individual and team performance gaps, enhancing athletic prowess while reducing injury risk. Leveraging the rich data from this revolutionary technology, Team Davis offers tailor-made insights and creates both individual and team protocols aimed at optimizing performance with a highly personalized approach to enrich each athlete’s capabilities.

Why Analytics for Athletes?
The short answer: Why not? Many may not realize that more than 3.5 million kids younger than 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries every year. Creating core muscle stability of the hips and shoulders protects the spine from excessive load as a way of preventing damage. The program also helps to avoid overuse, which accounts for nearly 50% of sports injuries to middle and high school athletes. Beyond prevention, Analytics for Athletes enhances performance by addressing deficiencies to improve speed, conditioning, flexibility, agility, strength and power.

“I went to Davis Physical Therapy for nine months to recover from an ACL tear and reconstruction surgery as a result of playing field hockey,” says former patient and now Team Davis ambassador Lily Bataloni. The Division I athlete at Wagner College adds, “Throughout training, my confidence grew every time I saw low scores go to high. My hard work in the Analytics for Athletes program combined with the great support system at Davis PTSR gave me all I needed to excel.”

Who benefits from Analytics for Athletes?
Another easy answer – athletes and anyone who enjoys sports. Yes, that includes moms and dads of youth players, too.

But Analytics for Athletes is not solely for individuals: It is an invaluable tool for teams and coaches. In any sport, a team is a group of athletes, each with their own skills and deficiencies. Analytics for Athletes was developed to recognize how players’ strengths and weaknesses can be used in tandem. Today it has been implemented in various schools and clubs where coaches incorporate this analytic data into individual and team protocols or drills.

In year one, Analytics for Athletes became the first injury prevention program in New Jersey contracted and paid for by a school district. The results speak for themselves, with Burlington Township High School seeing a reduction in noncontact injuries by over 20%.

Where is Analytics for Athletes run?
In Medford, at the new Davis PTSR state-of-theart facility, Team Davis delivers high-caliber physical therapy treatment to clients of all ages and specializes in the application of cutting-edge technology for rehab and sports performance.

“Our patients receive focused attention and hands-on care during every visit. We use a collaborative approach that harnesses the individual expertise of our physical therapists to create a custom plan of care for each patient,” Dr. Davis says.

Team Davis prides itself on researching the most advanced technology available in movement and biomechanics. This insight, combined with the knowledgeable application of these various platforms, creates efficient and effective programs for individuals and teams.

Davis Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab
(609) 451-5404

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 7.
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