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A Welcoming Haven for New Beginnings
Jefferson Washington Township Hospital’s newly renovated labor and delivery unit provides a comfortable and comprehensive experience for expectant patients.

by Kristen Jorgensen

The birth of a child is one of life’s most profound and transformative moments. It marks the start of a new chapter for parents and the beginning of a beautiful journey for their baby. 

At Jefferson Washington Township Hospital, this journey begins in a warm, nurturing and state-of-the-art environment within the labor and delivery unit. Located in Turnersville, this hospital has gained a reputation for providing exceptional care and support to expectant patients and their families. Recently, Suburban Family had the opportunity to discuss the medical advancements the labor and delivery unit has to offer with Dr. Deborah White, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at the hospital, including new birthing suites, private postpartum care rooms and even hydrotherapy tubs.

A Commitment to Excellence
Jefferson Washington Township Hospital has long been dedicated to offering the highest-quality health care services to its community, and its labor and delivery unit is no exception. Here, patients can expect a level of care that is both compassionate and comprehensive. The staff on the labor and delivery unit are highly skilled and experienced in providing exceptional prenatal, delivery and postnatal care.

One of the hallmarks of the newly renovated unit is its commitment to providing a comfortable and private experience for patients. The spacious, well-appointed labor and delivery rooms offer a home-like atmosphere, allowing patients to labor and deliver in a calming and supportive environment.

“We currently have seven labor and delivery rooms, and are just now completing two new additional rooms, bringing total availability to nine rooms. The two newest rooms also offer hydrotherapy tubs or laboring tubs. These are great in helping to aid in pain management during labor, especially for those who have opted for natural births. It’s a great aid in helping to release pressure during contractions,” explains Dr. White. “This focus on comfort and privacy helps to create a peaceful and serene environment during labor and delivery, which is essential for the well-being of both patient and baby.”

In addition to soothing and modern delivery rooms, the hospital also offers private postpartum rooms.

“All of our postpartum rooms are private, single occupancy rooms,” Dr. White says. “Prior to the new renovations, labor, delivery and postpartum rooms were all located in the same wing of the hospital. But we really wanted families to have the ability to rest in a soothing and calm environment, whilst having privacy to heal and bond with their babies, away from the distractions associated with labor and delivery. The rooms are quiet, spacious, and dimly lit and provide comfortable accommodations for partners or any visiting guests.”

Comprehensive Care
Jefferson Washington Township Hospital provides comprehensive care throughout the entire pregnancy journey. This includes prenatal classes to prepare expectant parents, as well as a team of dedicated health care professionals like obgyns, midwives and doulas who work together to ensure the safety and well-being of both patient and baby.

“We have one OBGYN practice here at the hospital, and within the practice, we have six physicians, six midwives and three nurse practitioners on staff,” says Dr. White. “Our Jefferson- staffed midwives aim to provide 24-hour midwifery care to our patients, and with hiring a seventh midwife, we will have a comprehensive obstetrical team made up of physicians and midwives 24/7.”

The hospital’s maternal fetal medicine department also offers many other services such as ultrasounds or anatomy scans. “It presents a lot of peace of mind for someone who may be getting some sort of testing done within their pregnancy. In the unfortunate scenario that something may be wrong, the patient doesn’t need to leave our facility, they can be wheeled right upstairs,” adds Dr. White.

For those who are past the childbearing years, a person who hasn’t decided to start a family, or an adolescent, the facility also offers gynecology services to patients. “We have two full-time gynecologists available for those who are in different stages of life. We see patients from adolescents who may need birth control options, to the childbearing years, all the way through to menopause,” Dr. White shares. “It’s honestly the best part of my job, getting to be with a patient throughout their lifetime.”

A Supportive Environment
Childbirth can be an emotional and transformative experience, and Jefferson Washington Township Hospital recognizes the importance of providing emotional support as well as medical care. A range of support services, including lactation consultants and social workers are available to assist families with the transition to parenthood. In addition, the hospital encourages family-centered care, allowing loved ones to be present and involved in the birthing process. This sense of community and support is invaluable during this special time in a family’s life.

The labor and delivery unit at Jefferson Washington Township Hospital is more than just a health care facility; it is a place where new beginnings are celebrated and families are nurtured. With its commitment to excellence, focus on comfort and privacy, comprehensive care and supportive environment, it is no wonder that this hospital has become a trusted destination for expectant parents throughout the area.

Jefferson Washington Township Hospital

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 4.
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