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Private High School Report Card
The key stats and data to know from some of the area’s premier private schools.

by Staff

In the education world, there seems to be constant debate on the merits of a private education. But ask any parent of a child attending one of the schools, or the students themselves, and they’ll have plenty of reasons why they love it. Whether it be the smaller class sizes and more individualized attention, perhaps a faith-based curriculum, unique extra-curricular opportunities or the increased number of AP and honors courses, there’s seemingly something to appeal to everyone.

This year, Suburban Family has once again collected several of the most requested statistics from local private high schools, including tuition costs, percentage of graduates going on to four-year colleges, the student-to-teacher ratio and more. We also included some quotes from various school leaders to get a better idea of what helps them stand out in the crowd.

Archmere Academy

  • Tuition, per year - $30,900
  • Student enrollment - 529
  • Student-to-teacher ratio - 10:1
  • Number of honors classes - 19 honors
  • Number of AP classes - 23
  • Percentage of students attending 4-year colleges - 98Percentage

“Archmere’s strong academic program of studies challenges all students at the college preparatory, honors and advanced placement levels to advance their critical thinking, sharpen their academic skills, take ownership of their learning potential and advocate for their own educational goals so that they can explore and discover new opportunities, experience success, and empower themselves and each other to reach new levels of personal distinction and academic achievement.”Gina Poletti, director of marketing and communications

Doane Academy

  • Tuition - $22,250
  • Student enrollment - 244
  • Student-to-teacher ratio - 6:1
  • Number of Honors classes – 12
  • Number of AP classes – 17
  • Percentage of students attending college – 100%

From our famous Opening Day ceremony that features the senior class canoeing down the Delaware, to Doane’s Dungeon—a literary-based Halloween haunted house staged by students—to The Christmas Mystery, our oldest and most venerated event, the year is filled with opportunities for students to carry on the traditions that have shaped our school.”George Sanderson, head of school

Holy Cross Preparatory Academy

  • Tuition - $11,200
  • Student enrollment - 299
  • Student-to-teacher ratio – 13:1
  • Number of Honors classes – 17
  • Number of AP classes – 13
  • Percentage of students attending college – 99%

“Our uniforms might change in styles and materials over time, but they preserve the color scheme and traditions of underclassmen wearing the same colors. I think it’s the perfect blend of new ideas from our journey and the traditions that alumni come back and love to see that we’re still doing.”David Moffa, principal

Moorestown Friends

  •  Tuition - $34,500
  •  Student enrollment - 264
  •  Student-to-teacher ratio - 6:1
  •  Number of honors classes offered - 31
  •  Number of AP classes - 17
  •  Percentage of graduates attending 4-year colleges 100%

A new innovative Playscape, opened in 2021, is a natural play space with opportunities for open-ended play that grows with students as they age. Children wanted places to perch, hide, be upside down, climb, interact with nature, be alone and together. The Playscape achieves all of these things into one, multi-age, immersive natural environment. The space highlights the instructional value of landscape architecture and the desire for children to engage with and learn from nature.” Mike Schlotterbeck, director of marketing and communications

Our Lady of Mercy Academy

  • Tuition - $12,900
  • Student enrollment - 225
  • Student-to-teacher ratio - 10:1
  • Number of honors courses -- TBD
  • Number of AP classes - TBD
  • Percentage of students attending college – 99%

Our Lady of Mercy Academy is focused on the unique needs and strengths of girls and fosters the confidence needed to face the challenges of tomorrow’s world. In this all-girls environment, girls speak up in class, express opinions and take initiative in everything from academics to the arts to athletics. Sisterhood is about women supporting and empowering other women. This is exactly what happens at OLMA.” Nicole Donovan, director of admissions

Padua Academy

  • Tuition -$15,936
  • Student enrollment - 443
  • Student-to-teacher ratio - 1:9
  • Number of honors classes - 27
  • Number of AP classes - 21
  • Percentage of students attending college – 100%

Throughout their four years at Padua, students are welcomed into a diverse sisterhood that in so many cases spans numerous generations in families throughout the Delaware Valley. One of our most beautiful traditions is Convocation Mass where freshmen are officially welcomed into the Padua Sisterhood with their moms, grandmoms and aunts (so many of which are alumnae) by their side. At this time they are given a yellow rose bud. By the time they graduate, they are given a fully bloomed yellow rose during the final mass of their high school experience.” Jennifer Bell, communications coordinator

Paul VI High School

  • Tuition - $11,620
  • Student enrollment - 1,006
  • Student-to-teacher ratio - 14:1
  • Number of honors classes - 18
  • Number of AP classes - 20
  • Percentage of students attending college – 97%

One of my favorites [traditions] is that the incoming freshmen are taught to sing the Paul VI alma mater. It’s a very formal song, both the music and the lyrics, and in our very casual society, there’s something precious about hearing an entire graduating class of young voices belt out a song that’s so sedate and reverent.”Kathleen Stewart, admissions director

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 13, Issue 6.
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