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Answers to some common questions about staying in shape and injury free.

by Liz Hunter

Spring brings everyone out of hibernation and for many that means lacing up their sneakers and hitting the gym or the pavement to get back in shape. We asked local fitness professionals for the best tips on staying healthy, on track and injury free while reaching our goals.

What are the specific stretching/training techniques you recommend for runners who want to improve their time/speed?
“With spring right around the corner, we expect to see people getting outside and back to running on the road and on the trails. Improving one’s endurance and running speed is a common goal for many. Proper stretching, mobility work and strength training are key. Proper movement patterns are fundamental and it starts with mobility. Runners should consider foam rolling quads, calves, glutes, hip flexors and the TFL. This practice will also help to release the tension on the IT band (connective tissue) which can contribute  to knee issues for runners. Stability and strength work are also paramount to enhancing performance. Incorporating compound multi-joint movements via a safe and progressive strength  training program helps runners gain the strength to move more efficiently to handle the rigors of running.”
Sheena Potts, training department director 

Who is your demographic and what specifically about your program is best for them?
 “Our typical member is someone who may have tried other gyms/nutrition plans, but may not have had much success either because they weren’t working efficiently or they weren’t consistent.  Our instructors help our members work to their best level, while providing modifications for each exercise if needed. Meanwhile, we provide a level of accountability that inspires members to come back every day and reach their goals. Our nutrition plan is easy to follow and based on all foods you can find in the grocery store. We teach members the right foods, the right times and the right portions that will get them to their goals.”
Anna Vetrano, owner

Why is training during the offseason so important to an athlete?
“Athletes should be training year round and that includes offseason, preseason, and of course, in-season training. Summer is the offseason for spring sports like baseball and lacrosse and is entering into the transition to pre-season training for fall sports like football and soccer. At Adrenaline we recommend  taking two weeks off after your season before starting your training program to give your body rest after a taxing season.”
Chad Hallett, owner  

Why is strength training more effective than cardio for results?
 “When your heart rate goes too high, your body goes into a defensive posture and shuts down. It stores all the fat and burns up all of your muscle.  Most people don’t realize this. Research has been done and it’s been proven that it’s not good to do spinning, high-impact aerobics, interval training or long-distance running. Millennials are realizing this and strength training is becoming more mainstream for men and women. That’s the best way to get results, not from aerobics or spin class.”
Sam Balducci, owner

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Family Magazine, Volume 10, Issue 1 (March 2019).
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